Do you want to know about the common Polish last names and their meaning? If yes, go through this article and get a list of Polish surnames, along with their meaning.

Polish Last Names

Just like every other country in the world, in Poland also, people have a surname attached behind their name. Also known as last names, these surnames are based on one of the four factors - Geographical, Patronymic & Matronymic, Occupational and Descriptive. Geographical Polish last names are derived from the name of the homestead to which the first bearer and his family belong. Apart from name of the estate (in case of royalty), towns and countries, geographical features also determine the last name. As the name suggests, Patronymic and Matronymic surnames are based on an ancestor's first name. While Occupational Polish last names refer to a person's job or trade, Descriptive surnames indicate a unique quality or physical feature of the individual. Let us know more about the common Polish last names.
List Of Polish Surnames & Their Meaning 
  • Adamczyk (Son of Adam)
  • Adamski (Son of Adam)
  • Borkowski (From places with name like Borki, Borków, Borkowo)
  • Chmielewski (One from the place of the hops)
  • Czarnecki (From Czarnecki)
  • Czerwinski (One who came from Czerwinski)
  • D¹browski (From the oak grove)
  • Duda (Bagpipes or bad musician)
  • Dudek (Hoopoe - a type of bird)
  • Gorski (Of, from or pertaining to a mountain or hill)
  • Grabowski (From a village beginning with the term ' Grab')
  • Jab³oñski (Apple tree)
  • Jasiñski (Kin of Jan, One who lived near or worked with ash trees)
  • Jaworski (Of the sycamore)
  • Kaczmarek (Innkeeper)
  • Kalinowski (Guelder rose or cranberry tree)
  • Kamiñski (One who came from a rocky place)
  • Kowalczyk (Son of Smith)
  • Kowalski (Blacksmith
  • Koz³owski (From a place named Kozlow, Kozlowo, etc)
  • Król
  • Kucharski (Associated with cooks)
  • Kwiatkowski (One from the place of little flowers, like Kwiatkow)
  • Maciejewski (Kin of Matthias, From places with names meaning Matthias's place)
  • Majewski (From places with name beginning with 'Maj')
  • Michalski (Of Michael)
  • Nowak (New guy in town)
  • Nowakowski (From village Nowaki, Nowakowo)
  • Nowicki (New)
  • Oliszewski (From the place of the alder trees)
  • Ostrowski (From places with names like Ostro~w, Ostrowek, Ostrowo)
  • Pawlak (Son of Paul)
  • Paw³owski (From Paul's place)
  • Piotrowski (Of, from the place of Peter, like Piotrow)
  • Rutkowski (From places with names like Rutka, Rutki, Rutkowo)
  • Sawicki (Son of Sawa)
  • Sobczak (Son of Sob)
  • Soko³owski (From place of the falcons)
  • Symanski (Son of Simon)
  • Szczepañski (Son of Szczepan)
  • Tomaszewski (From places with name like Tomaszew or Tomaszow)
  • Walczak (Son of Walka)
  • Wieczorek (Little evening)
  • Wiœniewski (From Wisniewo or Wisniew)
  • Wojciechowski (One from Wojciechy)
  • WoŸniak (Man who drives a cart)
  • Wysocki (From places with names like Wysoka, Wysockie, Wysocice)
  • Zaj¹c (Hare or rabbit)
  • Zawadzki (From a place called Zawada or Zawady)
  • Zielinski (Associated with 'green')

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