India is full of good photographers, be it in the fashion industry or otherwise. Check out the list of the famous Indian photographers given here.

Famous Photographers

It is said that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. What we cannot express through our words can easily be conveyed through mediums like photos or paintings. Photography is a part of your daily life and is just an extension of watching something through your eyes. Be it newspapers or magazines, TV or internet, you will always see words emphasized through the medium of photographs. This is because the visual medium has always been found to have more effect than any other one. Though many people aspire to be photographers, few have the talent for the same and even fewer receive recognition for their talent. In the following lines, we have given the list of photographers that have shot to fame in India.
List Of Famous Indian Photographers
Raghubir Singh
Boasting of international standards, Raghubir Singh is one of the finest documentary photographers of the twentieth century. However, the beginning of this ace artist was a very humble one. Born in 1942, in a Thakur family, he received education from the Hindu college in Delhi. It was in his college years that Raghubir took to photography. Later, this talented photographer clicked for Life, The New York Times and some British publications. He was awarded Padma Shri in 1983 and was also the proud recipient of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh Award.
Anish Bhaseen
An ace Indian photographer, excelling in almost all the genres of photography, Anish Bhaseen is a name to reckon with, in the world of photography. His photographs have not only been admired in India, but have gained world recognition and are widely acclaimed in UK, USA and Canada. This gifted photographer is a consultant to the Photography and Digital Imaging Industry and also actively takes part in many photographic workshops and seminars in India.
Anand Sharan
One of the leading photographers in India, Anand Sharan made his presence felt strongly in the world forum in the year 2006, when his work was commended by the famous Saatchi Gallery in London. The Gallery today exhibits the photographs of this great artist. Based in Bangalore, Anand Sharan is one of the best-known fashion photographers of India.
Vikram Bawa
Fondly known as the ‘Master of Gimmicks’, Vikram Bawa is an internationally acclaimed, renowned Indian fashion and landscape photographer. He is the first photographer from the Asian-subcontinent to venture into three-dimensional photography. His photographs speak a story of their own and flaunt an astounding quality, clarity and crispness.
Other Famous Indian Photographers 
  • Adarsh Anand
  • Ajit Patel
  • Anil Gandhi
  • Arvind Sawant
  • Asad Yezdi
  • Atul Kasbekar
  • Avography
  • Ayesha Soni
  • B. S. Ranga
  • Bharat Pania
  • Dabboo Ratnani
  • Dara Ichhaporia
  • Darogha Ubbas Alli
  • F.W. Champion
  • Gautam Rajadhyaksha
  • Glenn Dodd
  • Hari Mahidhar
  • Hemant Khandelwaal
  • Homai Vyarawalla
  • Lala Deen Dayal
  • Madhaviah Krishnan
  • Milind Ketkar
  • Mohan Ranade
  • Mona Bhattacharya
  • Nagesh Photography
  • Narendra Dubal
  • Ninad Dalal
  • Nitin Karnik
  • Nrupen Madhvani
  • Padmakar Shevde
  • Pradip Gupta
  • Pratik
  • Raghu Rai
  • Raj Mistry
  • Richard D'souza
  • Ronny Sequeira
  • Sachin Gujarathi
  • Sam Bagli
  • Sandeep Mhatre
  • Sandeep Savant
  • Sandip Ray
  • Sanjay Marathe
  • Sanjeev Prabhu
  • Sateesh Paknikar
  • Siddharth Siva
  • Sooni Taraporevala
  • Sukumar Ray
  • Swapan Mukherjee
  • Thakur Dalip Singh
  • Tushar Deshpande
  • Victor George
  • Vijay Sutavani
  • Vishal Bhende
  • Zul Siwani

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