Serial killers are the people who kill one person after the other, without any reason. Get the list of the famous murderers of the world.

List Of Famous Serial Killers

Serial killer, the very mention of the word brings a shiver down your spine! Serial killer is usually the name given to a person who kills a number of people, in a series. All the victims of the killer hold some common trait, for example all of them might be wealthy or females or in a certain age group. The victims usually lead to the activation of some psychological trigger in the mind of the killer and he ends up murdering them. Most of the serial killers have had traumatic experiences in their life, like a troubled childhood, sexual abuse, etc. Killing others gives them a high and this is what they thrive on. Check out the list of some of the most famous serial killers known to the world.
List of Famous Serial Killers
Male Serial Killers
  • Albert De Salvo (Killed 13 women after raping them)
  • Charles Manson (Instigated others to kill and rob the wealthy)
  • Charles Sobhraj (Killed western tourists in Southeast Asia in the 1970s)
  • David Berkowitz (Killed six women and wounded several others in the 1970s in the New York City)
  • Dennis Rader (Killed a family, two children and six women)
  • Ed Gein (Skinned his victims, exhumed corpses and decorated his home with parts of their bodies)
  • Jack the Ripper (Murdered prostitutes from the Whitechapel Area of London in 1888)
  • Javed Iqbal (Charged with killing hundred boys)
  • Jeffrey Dahmer (Known for cannibalistic serial murders)
  • John Wayne Gacy (Killed 33 people)
  • Raman Raghav (Killed street urchins and others in their sleep)
  • Richard Ramirez (Murdered 13 people in a year in California)
  • Surender Koli (Charged with raping & killing 19 females, aged 4-26)
  • Ted Bundy (Killed people in Utah, Seattle, WA, Colorado and Florida, from 1974 to 1978)
  • Ted Bundy (Raped and murdered several women between 1974 & 1978)
  • Zodiac Killer (Killed five people in North Carolina in the 1960s) 
Female Serial Killers
  • Aileen Wuornos (Killed seven men and said they tried to rape her she was working as a prostitute)
  • Belle Gunness (Killed more than 20 suitors and all of her children)
  • Dorothea Puente (Murdered 9 people)
  • Irene Leidolf (Murdered 49 patients, in association with 3 other nurses)
  • Mary Ann Cotton (Killed more than 20 people, by using arsenic)
  • Marybeth Tinning (Killed nine of her own children by strangulating them)
  • Nannie Doss (Killed 11 people between 1920 and 1954)
  • Raya and Sakina (Killed women in the early days of 20th century)

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