Deaf people are as competent as able-bodied people. Serving as a proof of this fact is the list of famous and historic deaf people given in this article.

Deaf People

If you have faith in yourself and are determined to move ahead in life, there is no disability in this world that can stop you from being an achiever. A strong will, patience and perseverance are the keys to moving ahead in life. “If you really want something in life, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it”. Serving as a proof of this, are those people who have struggled against all physical difficulties and inabilities to move much ahead of the able-bodied ones. In case you are still not convinced, just check out of the list of famous deaf people given here. All of them suffer(ed) from hearing loss, but still managed to make a mark in this world.
List of Famous and Historic Deaf People 
  • Ferdinand Berthier - First deaf person to receive the French Legion of Honor, Founder of world's first deaf organization
  • John Brewster Jr. - Itinerant artist of the Federalist Period in America
  • Laurent Clerc - Co-founder of first school for the deaf in America, First deaf teacher of the deaf in America
  • Pierre Desloges - Writer and bookbinder, First known deaf person to publish a book
  • William Elsworth "Dummy" Hoy - American baseball player
  • Helen Keller - American deaf-blind writer, lecturer and activist
  • Juliette Gordon Low - Founder of the Girl Scouts of America
  • Granville Redmond - American Painter
  • Douglas Tilden - American Sculptor
  • Phyllis Frelich - Winner of ‘Tony Award’
  • Marlee Matlin - First deaf woman to win an Academy Award
  • Heather Whitestone McCallum - First deaf woman to become Miss America
  • Guillaume Amontons - French inventor and physicist
  • Cliff Bastin - British footballer
  • Luis Buñuel - Spanish surrealist filmmaker and poet
  • Gertrude Ederle - First woman to swim the English Channel.
  • Thomas Edison - American inventor
  • Walter Geikie - Scottish painter.
  • Francisco Goya - Spanish painter
  • Oliver Heaviside - British engineer, mathematician and physicist
  • Georgia Horsley - Miss England 2007
  • Harold MacGrath - American author
  • Sir William McMahon - Australian politician and former Prime Minister
  • Pierre de Ronsard - French poet
  • Miha Zupan - Slovenian basketball player
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven - German composer
  • Rudi Carrell - Dutch singer
  • Gabriel Fauré - French composer
  • Johnnie Ray - American singer
  • Bedøich Smetana - Czech composer
  • Pete Townshend - British lead guitarist and songwriter with ‘The Who’
  • Ayumi Hamasaki - Japanese singer and songwriter
  • Ryan Adams - American country artist
  • Foxy Brown - American rap artist

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