Are you looking for the best ways of introducing people to others? If yes, then read the article and learn how to introduce people.

How To Introduce People

Introducing people to others is a simple gesture often done most gracelessly, by many of us. We often forget the fact that introducing people to each other is not just a matter of announcing their respective names, but a lot more than that. By introducing your friends, family or anyone else in your acquaintance to others, you are actually building up a rapport for yourself, regarding your capability to socialize and build your social network. Whether you are introducing your family members to your guests or getting two people acquainted in a business meeting, you need to do it in the most polite manner. If you are still unclear about the whole thing, then read the article and learn how to introduce people.
Ways Of Introducing People
  • At a formal event, such as a business meeting, formal lunch/dinner, when you are introducing people, you need to make use of the first and last names of the individuals you are introducing. A nice way to introduce people during formal events is to define their professional position. For instance, you can say, ' Ted, this is Anna Stevens, Assistant Manager of XYZ Company. Anna, this is Ted Lawson, HR Executive of ABC Corporation.'
  • In case you are introducing someone with a title, say, Doctor, be sure to include that also. For example, you can say, 'Mr. Stewart, I would like you to meet Dr. Richard Gayle.'
  • In case of an informal meeting, you may introduce people to one another by using their first name. However, in certain cases, such as your spouse, it is better to make use of the last name as well, particularly when he/she has a different last name.
  • If the person you are introducing has a specific relationship with you, then make it clear to others, by adding a phrase, say, 'my wife', 'my sister', in your conversation.
  • A flawless introduction doesn't merely mean informing each party their respective names. Providing a brief background to each party is a good idea, because it promotes interactions in the future.
  • In case the individuals you are introducing have similar interests, you can include that in the introduction as well. For instance, you can say, ' David, meet Richard. Like you, he is also interested in stamp collection.'
  • You can highlight the talents of the person or an interesting fact related to him/her, while introducing him/her to others. For example, you can say, 'Sam, I would like you to meet Elma, who is a fantastic painter.'
  • While introducing a person to a group of people, introduce him/her to the group first, and then the group to the individual. For instance, you may say, 'Emily, meet Martha, David and Anthony, my school mates. Everyone, this is Emily.' 
  • Never introduce people in a tense situation. Make sure that you set a cordial and happy atmosphere, while introducing them to each other.
  • In case both the parties are interested in striking up a conversation with each other, assist the newly acquainted people to carry on a smooth and congenial talk.
  • Be confident about yourself and about the person you are introducing to people. This would show your cordiality, while socializing.

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