For human beings, socializing with the people around them is vital to survive in the society. With the tips given in the article, you will know how to socialize with people.

How To Socialize With People

Socializing is very important for  healthy existence of human beings, as human beings know only how to exist in groups. Permanent solitude can have adverse effects on the mental health of a person. People more susceptible to isolation will always find it hard to cope up with the dark side of life than the people who involve themselves actively into socialization. People with active social lifestyle has comparatively sharper minds, they are happier, they live with a sense of belonging and are less susceptible to negative emotions. In the process of socialization many different stages are involved. The first stage is of exploration; in this stage an individual examines all the possible options available for socializing. He/she tries to search for the kind of company that fulfills all of his/her needs. The next stage is of actual socializing where the individual has now found a group of his/her choice and has made an entry into it. At the same stage, the individual works hard to fit into the group of his/her choice; accepting the norms, point of view and rules of the group. The individual is then valued and accepted by the group. The third stage comprises of the maintenance of the relationship between the new member and the group. The next level represents the phase wherein if a point is reached in the relationship between the group and the new member where the mutual expectations are not met and there is a potential conflict of motives brewing up, then resocialization takes place. The same member can be resocialized in the same group or he/she can be expelled from the group and is bound to join a new social group. The last stage of socialization includes reminiscing the old memories by the group and the member respectively. These different stages of socialization are applicable on both, the larger level of socializing with bigger communities as well as the simple association or mingling of people together. Some people find it very hard to socialize on a day to day level because of their shy and introvert nature. It is not the absence of will to socialize that makes them a recluse but the lack of right tools and techniques, which leads to hampering of their social life. Here in this article, keeping in the mind inhibited and introvert individuals, we will discuss the ways to socialize with people.
Tips On How To Socialize With People
Be An Initiator: Initiate the conversation when you are in a group. Do not wait for someone else to start the conversation. If you will be the icebreaker in the group then you will not find it hard to socialize. It sure is intimidating to socialize with a bunch of strangers because of the fear of rejection. But most of the times that never happens. Nobody openly rejects anyone; the worst you will receive is a closed reaction. Just bear in mind that there are so many people like you out there who find it hard to socialize, you are not the only one.
Look Inviting: Smiling is your best bet; when you will look like you are happy and enthusiastic then people will automatically be drawn towards you. Smiling will project a positive attitude from your side and you will definitely find someone to appreciate that. Especially in a large group where no one knows each other, people move about in a confused manner, not knowing what to do. In a situation like this, if you will smile then you will find yourself quickly surrounded by people.
Appreciate Your Own Company: When people will find you comfortable in your own company, they will definitely approach you. This is because everybody wants to be around people who look relaxed and comfortable. Have a good time with yourself and do not come across as a conscious person.
Acknowledge: When a stranger makes an eye contact with you in a group, acknowledge it. You do not have to do anything special, just give a little nod or smile. This will encourage the person to come and speak with you because technically you both are not strangers anymore. You never know, may be acknowledging someone random might fetch you a fun company for a lifetime.
Look Good: This is one of the basics of socializing. Look presentable so that people will find it comfortable to come and speak to you. Do not dress shabbily, it will only make people think that you are dodgy and once people will get wary of you then it will get really tough for you to socialize.
Be A Good Listener: Take interest in what people are taking about. Do not disrespect anyone by looking here and there while he/she is talking. If you want to be heard and be accepted then you, too, have to exhibit the same attitude.
Do Not Moan: If you want to be accepted in a social situation then do not make the mistake of ranting. Do not start cribbing to strangers. People want to know about you, not about your problems. You keep your personal issues personal and talk about things and topics that concern everyone. Whining about something will not make you anyone’s favorite.
Maintain Eye Contact: This is very important. To make someone feel that you are giving your full attention, look him/her in the eye. It is understandable that there might be thousands of things around you to distract your attention, but you have to understand that if you will lose eye contact while you are talking to someone, then that person will lose interest in talking to you.
Do Not Judge: Judging people unnecessarily in a social gathering will lower down your chances of being friendly with people in that gathering. It is because of the fact that if you will judge someone before talking to them, it will show in your attitude while talking to them. No matter how subtle it is, these things can be sensed. It is not fair as well because you do not want to be judged either, that is why you have qualms about talking to people; what you do not want others to do to you, do not do it to others.

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