Male midlife crisis can be equated to the problem of ‘female menopause’, to quite an extent. Find out how to deal with male mid-life crisis.

How To Deal With Male Midlife Crisis

Male midlife crisis is a condition that has still not been recognized by all the doctors, but is being experienced by more and more men. The symptoms seen in this problem are quite similar to those found in case of ‘female menopause’. Irritability, low sex drive, depression, lethargy, fatigue, low self esteem, etc are some of the most noticeable signs of male midlife crisis. The main reason for the problem comprises of falling testosterone levels, apart from other factors like stress, physical ailments, medications, and so on. In the following lines, we tell you about the prevention and treatment of male midlife crisis.
Male Midlife Crisis Prevention
We have all heard of the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’. One of the cases where this adage should be applied is ‘male midlife crisis’. It will help a man to recognize the problem early on and stop it before it develops into full-fledged symptoms. The prevention can work only in case of the psychological causes of male menopause. In case of physical causes, like falling testosterone levels, it will not be much of a help. 
  • One of the major causes of male midlife crisis is stress. Steps should be taken to reduce the amount of stress. This will include avoidance of alcohol and nicotine, undertaking of exercise or yoga sessions, following a regular sleep schedule, and so on.
  • The next step towards prevention of male midlife crisis is to accept the fact that you will not remain young forever, nobody does. The people who are young today will be old after some years.
  • Try to keep yourself busy, since an ‘idle mind is a devil’s workshop’. Develop new hobbies, like reading, gardening, golf, and so on. Aging does not mean that you have no ways left to enjoy yourself.
  • Keep a positive attitude towards life. The first step towards depression is negativity and pessimism. 
Male Midlife Crisis Treatment
If and when you notice the symptoms of male midlife crisis, it is always advisable to start the treatment as soon as possible. 
  • Very often, the crisis is the result of an underlying physical problem. Get a health check up done to identify any such causes. Visit a doctor and get rid of the problem.
  • If your problem seems to be resulting from decreasing testosterone levels, you can go for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Those who have taken it have noticed easing of most of the symptoms related to male midlife crisis.
  • Talk out your problem with somebody else, be it your partner, your friend or your counselor. In case of deep seated difficulties, you can go for Psychotherapy also.
  • Make sure to have a proper and well balanced diet. Low energy levels might be the result of lack of a proper diet.
  • Indulge in regular exercise. It will not only keep you healthy, but also make you feel good about yourself. It will help in alleviation of the feeling of lethargy, stress, depression, poor self image, and the like.
  • Always maintain a proper balance between work and home. It is necessary to give each the importance it deserves, but not at the cost of the other one.

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