With this article, learn to decipher the body language of men (males). Interpreting a man’s body language will help you know a lot about him.

Body Language Of Men

You have found the man of your dreams! He is good looking, he is tall and has impeccable manners. However, there is a slight problem. You don’t know what he feels for you and you don’t want to ask him bluntly and look like a fool. Gone are the days when people used to say that it is very difficult to know what is going on inside a person’s mind. All you need to do is look at the person for a slightly longer time and his body language will tell you all about his feelings, almost accurately. Still confused? No problem! In the following lines, we have provided a number of tips to help you in interpreting the body language of the male gender and understanding it.
First Move
If a man likes you, he will definitely try to come and talk to you. Just learn to differentiate a walk of a friend from that of an admirer. A man who is interested in you will pull in his tummy, puff up his chest and stand a bit taller just before coming towards you.  
Styling it Up
After the man of your dreams has come up to you and started chatting with you, look for some other signs. If he is even slightly interested in you, he will try to brush up his appearance. Straightening the tie, smoothing the collar, running a hand through the hair, rearranging shirt or cufflinks, etc are some of the usual signs of a man who is attracted towards you.
Showing Interest
One of the usual signs that you should look for in a man includes sticking his thumbs in the belt or the loops of the trousers or jeans he is wearing. This is a sure shot sign that he is attracted towards you.
Body Position
One of the major hints that you can get about the moves of a man is from his body position, especially when he is standing with you. If he is interested in you he will definitely face you and more often than not, his body will be slightly inclined towards you.
Look at the Feet
When your handsome hunk is standing in a group of friends, check out his feet. If one or both of his feet are pointing towards you, there are bright chances that he has a liking for you.
Eye Contact
If a man looks in your eyes and holds the gaze slightly longer than what is necessary, he is definitely attracted towards you. On top of that, if his pupils seem to be slightly dilated and exude warmth, relax. You have just hooked the man of your dreams!
Check out that Gaze!
If a man looks at you from top to bottom, first eye to eye, then down to mouth and chin and finally to your feet and in the eyes again, he is just on the verge of falling in for you.
Last but not the Least…
In most cases, this is the last sign that confirms that a man is interested in you. If a man keeps his hands on his hips, while talking to you, it means that he is ready for getting involved.

What are you waiting for gals? Just look for these signs in the guy you are interested in. If he exhibits even six of these eight signs, it is sure that he is interested in you. Next time you meet him, it’s your turn to let him know that you are interested too. After that, it is the time to wait and watch and let him make the next move.

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