Often words fail to express what a body does. Know how to use your body language to your advantage with this article. Read on to know more about using body language to communicate.

How To Use Body Language To Your Advantage

Body language is possibly the only language in the world, where words play no role, whatsoever, in expression as well as understanding. Non-verbal communication, otherwise known as body language, is the single-most powerful mode of communication wherein the body does all the talking. Right from our smile, to a nod, to the way we sit, eat and move, everything reflects what is in our minds and even help us pick clues about others, as they go on to display a wide array of bodily gestures and postures. Remember, communication is not about expressing oneself with words, but it is always a little more than that. Understanding body language, both yours as well as others, will put you in a better position to communicate effectively by increasing your understanding of others. Contrary to the popular belief, body language can actually be controlled and manipulated, more so when a person is nervous or plain uneasy. Here are some basic tips on how to use your body language to your advantage and turn a no-win situation into a win-win one.
How To Communicate With Body Language
Eye It Up!
Did you know that your eyes speak volumes about you? It is extremely essential to engage in an eye-to-eye interaction for effective communication. One of the obvious markers of a confident person is the ability to manipulate situations using eye contact. Eye contact is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and exhibit your interest and willingness. The longer the eyes contact, the better the chances of boosting intimacy. Poor eye-contact is a sure sign of indifference. Staring in a different direction, when someone is talking to you or hanging your head down, while communicating is a complete no-no.
Open Up!
Whether you are feeling blue or upbeat, your body language says it all. Believe it or not, your posture speaks volumes about your temperance and shows the person you are. A person’s bodily stance communicates a lot more than words. A free body language is indeed a sure-winner, when it comes to making effective communication. Always stand or sit erect at the time of interaction, as it reflects genuine interest and attention. Crossing your arms and legs, while interacting, is a sign of defense and a major turn off. Always maintain a tall posture, keep your arms relaxed and wear a warm expression on your face for the right impression.
Art Of Copying!
One of the best ways to make one-to-one communication effective and easy is to mimic the body language of the other person. You can tilt back if the person is relaxed, or lean forward if he inclines. Rest your elbow on the table, cross your arms or legs, if the other person does the same, all so but very subtly. This is a sure way to enhance intimacy and comfort between two people. However, be careful not to mime all the gestures as it might just give out the wrong signals and prove to be a big-time blooper.
Angle It!
When engaging in a tête-à-tête, it is extremely important to make the other person feel as much at ease as possible. You can easily do so impressively, without making your efforts evident, by slightly tilting your body to a 45 degree angle from the other person. Often face-to-face interactions can be a slight put off or even intimidating, especially if the person is shy. 45 degrees creates an opening that maximizes personal space and maintains the connection, when two people are in close proximity.
Gestures Speak Louder Than Words!
Gestures often say what words cannot, though most of us do not realize that. Gestures are more than just silent motions that covey a lot. They add importance to your words and actions and attract attention. However, a wrong gesture can easily send all the wrong signals and look boisterous and exaggerated at times. Hence, it is recommended to use easy gestures while communicating such as a slight nod, smile, touch and more. However, strong gestures like keeping your hands on your hips, drumming your fingers, avoiding eye contact or looking at your watch can all stand in the way of smooth, easy and effective communication. Remember to avoid all of them, if you want to use your body language to your advantage!

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