After plastic bags, plastic cards are the most common plastic wastes. Read the article below to know more.

Recycle Plastic Gift Cards

The twentieth century has seen many inventions that have influenced the world. One of the most spectacular and dramatic invention is that of the plastic. Plastic is used by humans in everyday life. A life without plastics is unimaginable. Although plastics are important they also pose a variety of environmental hazards. That is why their use must be limited and all forms of plastic must be recycled as much as possible. Gifting is a tradition that is followed by people all over the globe in festivals and special occasions. Gifting becomes a tricky business when you are unsure if the person will like it or not. Hence, people prefer giving plastic gifting cards rather than giving items that would be of no use to them. Identifying this trend towards giving monetary gifts, many retailers have started making gift cards readily available to consumers. One can buy gift cards from practically any major retailer or a business that processes electronic payments. With growing popularity of gift cards, the expected result is the accumulation of plastic wastes. Gift cards do end up in the trash and find their way to the landfills. They can be recycled and reused thereby contributing to the wellness of environment. Read the article to know how to recycle plastic gift cards.
How To Recycle Plastic Gift Cards? 

Reuse And Reload
Many plastic gift cards can be recycled, but they often end up in trash. The next time, stop and think before you dump it in the trash. Use your plastic gift card responsibly and in this way, you can reduce the demand for the new cards. People can reuse, reduce, and recycle the disposable cards. 

Recycling Units And Industries
Plastic cards of all kinds like the credit card, debit card, gift cards, ID cards and more can be recycled and reused to create new plastic matter. There are many recycling units and industries that accept plastic gift cards from individuals and retailers. Collected materials are melted and processed into plastic sheets, and then again used to create new things that are useful and in demand. The process used to recycle plastic cards also should be an eco friendly one.  

Crafting And Designing
The plastic gift cards can be used for crafting projects and designing décor items. There are websites that provide information on making attractive and effective stuffs from used gift cards. You can use plastic gift cards to make picture frames and wall hangings. One of the designers used the plastic gift cards and chopped them into smaller mosaic-sized pieces, then arranged the pieces together randomly by brushing on a layer of PVA glue, and sticking a piece of cork behind the tiles. An instant coaster was ready. 

Being Responsible
When you are finished with the waste plastic card, find out places where used cards can be stored and recycled. Otherwise, hold on to the cards until you can use it again or make a point of ensuring that it is disposed off in an eco-friendly manner. Another very good option is to recycle the card and make it into a new one. This will save about 80 percent of the energy that is used to make new cards. Conserving and recycling is, and should be, a responsibility of every individual on the planet.

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