Organic is the word of the day and even the cards are not spared. Learn about organic card ideas here.

Organic Holiday Cards

What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain...
Did you ever stop to notice?
This crying Earth, its weeping shores.

These are the lyrics from the “Earth Song”, by Michael Jackson. His golden words and voice goes on to haunt us with its in-depth meanings. It is high time that you realize that the earth needs to be saved and protected for the generations to come. If you do not make an effort soon the Amazons and the Blue Mountains and all the other natural treasures will be history. Trees are the worst affected when nature is concerned. You need trees for everything from paper to buildings, so, there is no better way to save trees than to avoid using anything that harm their growth. If it’s the festival season then you cannot ignore the importance of cards. However, cards use trees, which is a threat to nature. It is essential to show how much you care for the environment and organic cards can be a way out.

Organic Holiday Cards Ideas

Cards With Trees
As Mahatma Gandhi said, plant a tree for every single tree cut. Keeping this in mind, you can plan for a card that has seeds of plants stapled to it or you can make a paper card for the greeting card that is embedded with seeds. The second one will make a handmade plantable paper card and the recipient just needs to plant the paper, which will soon sprout and turn into wild plants and trees. This card can be quite an environment friendly gesture.

Recycled Paper Christmas Cards
While you are shopping for cards, find out what kind of paper has been used for making the card. You can get greeting cards that are made from recycled paper. It is the best environment friendly way to send a card. 

Tree-Free Greeting Cards
A number of trees are destroyed in making the paper for your greeting card. Instead, you have many other options. Organic fiber is one such option that nullifies the chance of cutting down trees to make it.

Reuse Cards
Why not make it a new tradition among the nature-lovers to reuse the cards that they sent to each other during the previous years. For this, you get the card that was sent to you by that person and send it back with a personal note penned inside the card. You can encourage the recipient to send the same card to you the next year and thus this whole tradition of sending the same card can go on for years. This is a much more meaningful activity than sending some new card just for the sake of it. A card resent will show how much importance you had given to that card and how well you have taken care of it. You will be appreciated not only for your gesture but also for the affection you have for that person. If you cannot use the card, you can make some seasonal ornaments and other decorative embellishments out of the previous year’s cards. 

Make Your Own Holiday Greeting Cards
There is nothing more personal and touching than a card made with your hand. There is not much of hard work required to make a card yourself. Take care in choosing the environmentally responsible stationery and card stock. You can handwrite the message on the card. A collage of holiday images cut out from the used cards will make it all the more stylish. 

Digital Cards
Electronic cards or e-cards are the best way to save nature by avoiding the use of paper. Not only can you send your holiday greetings to everyone in your list but also can save some money along with contributing to your share in the conservation of nature.

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