Single parent adoption has its own advantages. Read more to know advantages of single parent adoption.

Advantages Of Adopting As A Single Parent

Since last few years, a new trend has become visible in the field of adoption and that is single parent adoption. Today, in society family structure is changing, which has made single parent adoption a popular trend. Adding to this social trend is the increasing number of single individuals, who are creating their families through adoption. Not going too far, our own bollywood beauty Sushmita Sen is proud single mother of her two adopted daughters, one of which she adopted very recently. Defining the bond that she shares with her elder daughter, Sushmita Sen said, “She watches television like any other child; she loves the songs and the promos they keep airing. She keenly watches the steps, time and again, and loves telling me all about it. There is only one live-in relationship in my life. The one I share with my daughter, Renee.” Today, many singles are skipping the attachment of marriage and opting for single parenthood by adopting a child. However, adopting a child is an important change in life, which needs a lot of thought and consideration. There are few questions to ask like, “Am I ready? Do I have financial resources? How will this change my life? Am I comfortable with how my new life will feel?” Single parent adoption is easy, hassle free and advantageous. Here are a few advantages, which will motivate you in opting for single parent adoption, if you are the one thinking about it.
Single Parent Adoption Advantages 
  • Adding to the benefit of being a single parent, research has shown that often single parents tend to be more financially and emotionally stable in comparison to two parent families. They provide kids with better environment to grow and develop.
  • What single parents enjoy the most is the freedom to make decisions on their own on moral, ethical, and cultural upbringing of their child. There is no one to interfere in the decisions you make. Moreover, you can make decisions based on your needs and desires, and what is perfect for your child. You don’t have to take in consideration the desires, needs, and approval of any other person. This is one of the biggest advantages of single parenting but counterbalancing is the disadvantage that there is no one to share the responsibilities related to raising a child alone.
  • Single parenting will make you self-reliant and great time managers as you have no one else to rely upon and share your responsibilities. As a result of this need to succeed in accomplishing goals on time, single parenting inculcates in child the model of self-reliance, responsibility, and time management. It is often seen that children grown under single parenting are self-reliant and can manage small tasks like household chores, packing school bag, and getting ready for the school alone.
  • In single parenting, the relationship between a child and parent is another type of an advantage. As a single parent you don’t have to compete against child’s other parent for love, respect, and attention. There are no pressures on you to compete against your partner. You can develop a healthy relationship with your kid.
  • Similarly, your child will not be in any pressure to compete against your other half for your attention. Children of single parents often find it easy to confide in their parents rather than searching for friends. This helps in building a strong child-parent relationship.
  • As a single parent, you will have more time for your kid. Since there are no other needs to look after. Your child remains your focus and you try to make a strong bond with him/ her by playing different games, watching his/her favorite TV channel and reading him/ her books.

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