While we have seen so many staying a single life, why they take such a decision is not understood by all. With this article, we try to explore the reason why people stay single.

Why People Stay Single

Marriage is one of the basic institutions in the world. Two people tied through the matrimonial knot form a family and live together for the rest of their lives. Though majority of the people still believe in the concept of getting married and settling down with their life partner, there is yet another breed of people who lead a single life. Though their reasons might be diverse, their status is the same - unmarried. While some of the people remain single involuntarily, others deliberately choose it as their way of life. In the following lines, we try to explore the reasons why people make the decision of staying single throughout their life.
Why People Stay Single
Haven’t Found the Right Person
One of the common reasons why people do not get married or stay single is that they never find the right person for themselves. Either they have too many expectations from their ‘would-be-partner’ or had the bad luck of meeting the wrong guys/girls all the time. Whatever was the reason, they outcome is that they are single. They continue looking for that ‘perfect’ partner or accept they would never find their ‘Mr. /Ms. Right’ and try to live a happy, single life.
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
There are many people who fall in love and end up hurting themselves. Not everybody in this world realizes the value of words like ‘loyalty’, ‘dedication’, ‘commitment’ and ‘faithfulness’. Those people, who have had the misfortune of having a disloyal partner, prefer not to get involved with another person, atleast in this lifetime. Rather than undergoing the risk of having their trust broken once again, they prefer to remain single.
Scared of Commitment
There is yet another group of people who are scared of commitment, in other words commitment-phobic. They are not comfortable with the idea of someone else entering their life and demanding time, love, care and affection. Such people are too pre-occupied with themselves, to pay attention to the needs of some other person. Commitment-phobic people prefer to lead a life which revolves around them - their needs and their happiness.
Family Duties
In some cases, a person is too busy carrying out duties towards his/her family. In some cases, the duties occupy them in the earlier years of life and by the time they get free from them, it is too late or too difficult to find a partner. The other scenario is that a person remains committed to his/her family and responsibilities throughout the life and continues to live a life that, though surrounded by many friend and family members, is single and lonely.
Love Being Single
Though many people find it difficult to understand the concept, there are many people who love the life of a single. They have seen too many relationships make and break and now, they have decided that it is the best to stay single. They believe that though there are some cons of staying single, they are better than the disadvantages of leading a married life. Thus, they decide to stay ‘single, but always ready to mingle’.
Too Ambitious

There have always been a few men who have been too busy in their careers, to have a life with wife and kids, who demand attention. Now, with the concept of women liberalization gaining grounds, we have many women who want to lead a single life as they feel that, for them, career is more important. Such people shudder at the thought of losing out on their dreams, to attend to their husband or kids. Rather than divorcing later, they prefer to remain single only.

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