Being single means being your own person, and not one half of a couple. Read on to know how to be happy when not in a relationship.

How To Be Happy Being Single

The saying “Single; ready to mingle” must have entered the cliché hall of fame by now.  Every now and then we hear about men and women who are happy being on their own and show no signs of wanting to pair up with someone and spend the rest of their lives with that person. We must understand that it is being done for a purpose; it is important to be able to see oneself as a wholesome, complete human being, rather than one half of a could-be or has-been couple. Being the masters of your own life gives both men and women the control to choose their goals, destinies and happiness in a way that is considered best by them. Also, it is important to examine one’s self worth according to one’s own standards and not according to the standards set by someone else. Though people believe that men and women were created to pair up, you can be single and still be happy, till you find the right person to share both happiness and sorrow with. Here’s how to be happy being single.
Staying Happy When Single
Here are some ways in which you can be happy and be in control of yourself, even when you are single:
Treat life with new vigour and passion: the kind that you may not have accorded to it all this while. Let life give you a high; just the thought that you are alive should serve as an inspiration to be alive. Also have a purpose and a mission in life – a reason to get out of bed and to start your day. Having a partner does not really substitute for having a mission or a purpose in life.
Be Selfish
Be selfish and be nice with yourself; it is important especially for those who are just recovering from a broken relationship. All this while you may have thought of yourself as one half of a couple; now, begin to think of yourself as a full and complete human being or person. Think about your wellbeing, your happiness, your lifestyle, your dreams, your career, your friends… you get the point, don’t you?
Ship Shape
This goes out to all the lazy people who have long avoided the very topic – get out of the couch and get in shape. And no, round is not the shape YOU should be in; you are no football, you are a human being. Human beings were born to have a great body and a great shape. Those who may have doubts about not being regular about it should know that one needn’t have a great body to begin with but to have a great body one has to begin working out. Being in shape will give you a wonderful sense of being in control of your life and having done a good deed.
Pamper Yourself
This is an easy one – pamper yourself to something that you have long put off. It could be a swim in the pool, a long walk, a long overdue visit to the beauty parlour or salon. Give yourself a makeover; nothing works better than it. It will give you the much needed confidence. Buy that new dress that you always wanted to buy or give your wardrobe an overhaul. Redecorate your home in a way that you wanted to. Keep yourself surrounded with beautiful things and you are less likely to feel the need for someone to complete yourself.
Go Out With Friends
Having a wonderful support group or network of friends, who will stand by you through thick and thin is a wonderful feeling. Call up your friends and go out with them to the place that you all love to hang out at. Make sure to have loads of fun and not to sulk about anything. Do not go out with a couple! They will make you feel jealous and the whole evening would be nothing less than torture.

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