Facing an internship interview becomes easy when you have an idea of what kind of questions might be asked. Explore this article to know the most common questions for internship interviews.

Internship Interview Questions

An internship interview is perhaps the first serious interview that a student faces, before the maddening world of job interviews crowds him/her. An internship facilitates the student to gain a firsthand experience of the work environment that he can expect to be in, in the career of his or her choice. You ask, why is internship necessary? There are many reasons for the same, but the most potent is that it helps people make up their mind whether they want to pursue their chosen career or not. Many people take a long time to decide on a career that interests them. They may choose a particular career because it is glamorous or pays much or provides such other benefits. However, when they go into the internship program, they face the harsh realities and if it does not suit them, they have the chance to opt out. This is a lot more difficult if they had been on the job. Another reason for doing internship is that it familiarizes one with what all responsibilities are involved in a job and so, people learn what to expect. It is also beneficial for the employers, as they have a chance to observe and then pick the best talents, who will also have an understanding of the values of that particular organization. So, there is neck-breaking competition in this area and proper preparation is a must. To help you prepare for an internship interview, we have listed the most probable questions that can be asked, in the lines below. Go through them and prepare yourself as much as you can.
Common Questions For Internship Interviews
  • Why did you choose this particular career and how did you decide on it? (Here, explain your motive and influence. If you have changed your career, be prepared to give an explanation for the same.)
  • What is your objective in selecting this particular internship? (This question simply wants you to give the reasons for selecting that particular organization for internship.)
  • How much do you expect to achieve (or define your goals) during the internship period? (Stress on the expereince that you can gain and the things that you can learn in the internship.)
  • In which areas does your strength and weakness lie and what are they?
  • What are your future plans after the internship training?
  • What are the products and dissertation that you did and how did you chose the topic? (This is to test your knowledge.)
  • How do you handle a situation where your initial approach has failed? (This question helps to gauge the ability to handle failure and pressure.)
  • Did you ever make a thorough academic decision and how did you make it?
  • What are your specific interests? Or what are your theoretical orientations?
  • How do you balance your extracurricular activities with your academic work?
  • Do you have any questions? (Better, have one that is specific to the organization.)
  • How will this internship experience prepare you for your future career?
  • How do you see yourself after five to ten years?
  • What are your achievements and which one do you consider the greatest?
  • How much confident you are of achieving success in your chosen field?
  • Explain the role of an intern in an organization?
  • What is your motivation?
While applying for internships, always keep in mind the 3 P’s in mind - Plan, Prepare and Practice. In the recent years, internships have turned quite competitive, so it is always better to have a foresight.
Criteria Of A Good Answer
  • It should be structured.
  • The objective should be specifically related to the internship.
  • There needs to be relevance tor the career.
  • It has to be constructed logically.
Answer Structure
  • Define the goal clearly and start with a premise.
  • The goal should be the basis of your answer.
  • Associate the goal with the internship.

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