Did you know that there is a way of life that goes easy on the earth as well as on your pocket - going green in your home? Read on to get basic tips on how to go green at home.

Basic Tips For Going Green In Your Home

Almost every human is health-conscious, since the desire for longevity and good health is simply inborn. Just as we care about our bodies, there is increasing need to care about our planet as well, which is not very healthy at the moment. This is where the concept of going green fits in! When you choose to make eco-friendly changes in your lifestyle as well as in your choices of products and utilities, you are said to be going green. The primary way in which you can go green is by making some basic changes in your very home. This will contribute not only to your individual betterment, but also to the betterment of the environment, since it will improve your health, reduce bills and cut down on pollution. The primary things you need to consider in a green home are water, electricity and heating, since these are the main utilities of any home. Given below are some ideas on basic tips for going green in your home and thus, contributing toward saving our planet.
How To Go Green At Home
Use Eco-Friendly Detergents & Cleaning Aids
Over 95% of detergents and cleaning aids that are used around the house contain toxic chemicals. Therefore, the most basic tip for going green in your home would be to take a better look at the cleaning agents that you are using. The benefit of choosing environmentally safe cleaning products is that most of these products can be made at your own home. In fact, many items from your kitchen actually serve multiple cleaning purposes. Apart from the fact that these products are not harmful, they also help you on cutting down on your household expenses.
Turn Off Electrical Appliances When Not Used
Electrical appliances emit gases that are not too environment friendly. At the same time, the electricity that they use is actually a drain on the natural resources of our planet. So, turn off lights and fans when there is no one in the room. Make it a point to switch off the computer when not in use. If you wish to keep warm, pull on a sweater and a pair of socks, instead of turning on the heater. Instead of using a clothes dryer for your laundry, hang clothes to dry in the sun. Finally, when you are out shopping for electrical appliances, choose the ones that have an Energy Sticker on it. These appliances last longer, and are eco-friendly as well.
Use Energy Efficient Lighting
Go in for LED’s or full spectrum lighting, rather than the traditional incandescent light bulbs that tend to be ‘not-so-environment friendly’. Some recommendations to go green with regard to lighting involve the use of fluorescent lighting. However, this is not advisable, since studies have shown that prolonged exposure to fluorescent lighting can increase the risks of developing certain cancers. It can also lead to an increase in the stress levels.
Start Saving Water
Water conservation is the easiest and cheapest way in which you can go green at home. Ensure that the leaks in plumbing are fixed and that all taps/ faucets are fully closed when not in use. Keep a lot of buckets handy, to catch any drips either in the shower or at the sink, or even to catch rainwater. You can then use this water in your garden or your toilet tank.
Indulge In Recycling
Recycling is not a very big task. All that is needed from your side is the motivation to go green. Therefore, save up by segregating aluminum, steel, plastic and waste paper and drop it off at the local recycling facility. Apart from recycling discarded household items, you can also make recycled products your first choice for purchases.

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