Planning your own funeral ahead of time can make it easier for your loved ones later on, both emotionally & financially. Read on to explore tips on how to make your own funeral program.

How To Plan Your Own Funeral

Although nobody likes to be morbid, planning your own funeral can be a smart and sensitive thing to do. Making the funeral and cemetery arrangements in advance can save your family members a great deal of stress, anxiety, emotional upheaval and financial burden in the event of your death. Most people write a will stating their intentions for their material assets when they die, but very few of them state their intentions with regard to their spiritual or pastoral legacy. Making your own funeral program will keep your family members from taking difficult decisions at an emotionally vulnerable time. Read on to explore various tips on how to plan your own funeral.
How Make Your Own Funeral Program
  • Decide on the kind of funeral you would want. You can opt for a traditional funeral, a funeral that celebrates your life rather than mourning your death, a casual memorial service without your body being present or even a party. The choice is entirely yours.
  • Inform your close ones what you would want to include or exclude at your funeral. You can tell them if you want a certain song to be played or sung, a poem read or a slide show of certain photographs.
  • Mention all the details you want for your funeral, like the kind of flowers, clothes or jewelry you would be wearing while lying in the casket and items to be removed or added before the casket goes into the ground.
  • List down the locations and venues where you want your funeral to be conducted. Pen down the first, second and third choice.
  • Clearly mention whether you would like to be buried underground in a grave, entombed in a mausoleum or cremated.
  • Select your preferred cemetery site and let them know.
  • Select your casket well ahead in time. Choose one that will fit your body and suit you in terms of style. This will help your loved ones save a lot of hassle.
  • Purchase an appropriate burial site for you and your family members ahead in time, to save your family from financial and emotional burden of buying one for you and other members. Do this if you are sure that you would not be moving far away for the rest of your life.
  • In case you are eligible for any death benefits in the event of your death, make sure to let your family members know about them.
  • Get a funeral fund created to cover all death and funeral expenses in case death benefits are not allowed or they are insufficient to cover the costs involved.

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