To arrange a romantic night with your hubby, you need a little planning and a lot of observation. Here’s how to plan a romantic night with your husband.

How To Plan A Romantic Night With Your Husband

Many married women often lament about the lack of romance in their married lives, the situation only made worse by the fact that careers and the rat race leave us with no time to smell the roses and take it easy. The attitude of their husband towards this situation doesn’t leave them with much encouragement either. Majority of them are awfully busy with pursuing a career for most of the week and watching various sports on TV on weekends. However, the simple truth lies herein – it is best you plan a romantic evening with your husband, who will surely be happy to tag along as it has no hidden costs in store for him. One sure thing that you could do is to plan it out taking into account your finances, your schedules, your children and the availability of a sitter, and a small list of other things depending on whether you plan to have an evening out or at home. All you have to do is to keep a track of his likes and dislikes and be a little observant. Here’s how to plan a romantic night with your husband.
Planning A Romantic Date With Your Spouse 
Here’s what you need for a romantic date with your spouse:
You, Know Your Man! 
By now after having spent time with your husband for a few months or years, you would have found out at least a little about his likes and dislikes (especially the likes). Though most men can be expected not to consider beer at sporting bar, romantic, their idea of romance doesn’t correspond to chocolates and roses, like it is yours. If you are not quite sure what it is, you could encourage him to elicit it in your private conversations. It will help you. Be alert and around for something that he might mention as his favourite book/food/beverage/song and so on, just any information that might help you. Remember that this is supposed to be time together – something that should be enjoyed by both of you equally and not just one of you. In most cases, it is best to choose what both of you like, for instance, eating at a certain restaurant, going for a drive together, or just having a date at home.
Do You Have The Time? 
Since we all live busy lives when we have very little time to devote to romance, you will have to take into account both your schedules of work, going out with friends, visiting family and so on. Also, men and their completely unexplained religious attitude towards soccer or cricket already drives women up the wall and men away from them. It is silly and unjustified (yes!) but there is practically nothing that can be done about it. So you better also check if there is a major tournament going on during the time that you are planning your romantic dates.
Prepare Well 
Make sure you have made all the preparations for this day. If you are planning to take him out, make sure the table is booked and the people at the restaurant have been told what he would like for dinner and so on. If you have children, arrange for them to stay at their grandparents’ place or get a babysitter. You could also ask one of your friends to take care of your children. If you are spending a night alone at home, make sure everything that you need for it is taken care of – the food, the wine, the music, and everything else.

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