Nothing can beat the bliss of celebrating an anniversary of your special moments. Check out some cool date tips for celebrating romantic anniversary.

Romantic Anniversary Date Ideas

The day you felt love for the first time is something very, very special. It reminds of the times you would smile just thinking about your beloved or listening to his/her favorite songs over and over again or waiting desperately to meet up as soon as possible. Now that both of you are together, it is your chance to cherish that wonderful day with each other and make up for all the times you have missed each other and craved to be in one another’s arms. Given below are some cool date ideas for a romantic anniversary that will make sure that even after years, the flame of love keeps burning!
Get, Set, Go!
The best way out is going out! Celebrate your anniversary in a scenic locale and relive all those little mushy moments that brought you this far in your relationship. It is also a great stress buster and for once you don’t have to think about work, daily routine, workouts, cooking, cleaning, etc. If you don’t have the money to go to an exotic location, don’t worry. Even visiting a secluded resort or picnic spot a few miles away from home is a great idea to spend time with each other and make your anniversary special.
The Traditional Way
This one never fails! Although a cliché, nothing beats the enjoyment and sensuality of a romantic candle lit dinner in a secluded corner in a restaurant. It could be the restaurant where you first met or it could be one of the most expensive eateries in your place. After all, you don’t get to splurge on your beloved daily, do you?
Dance Baby!
What could be better than dancing away your anniversary and feeling all the more sensual and perked up! Go to a disco or a place where there is awesome music and one can dance without hindrances. If nothing works, consider getting a CD that has some sensual numbers. Transform your bedroom or your terrace into a romantic spot with a table, two chairs and yummy food. Get your portable stereo there and dance under stars with your beloved.
The First Kiss
The romance flowed in when you kissed for the first time. How about you relive the same moment again? It is definitely a special and unique way to spend your anniversary in a romantic way. Go to the place where you first kissed and kiss at the exact same location. If that is not possible, wear the same clothes you wore on that day and approach your partner with the nervousness and hesitation you had on that day and slowly proceed like you did that day.

Make sure the day is filled with surprises for your beloved. Right from time he/she wakes to the time they go to bed again, there should be enough surprises to keep them smiling for the entire week! Do something wild like going sky diving or trying out any other adventure sport. Go to a restaurant where there is a karaoke and sing for your beloved! Write a poem for your beloved and memorize it well. Recite it to him/her while you walk on the beach holding hands.

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