You need to work in order to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Read on to know the romantic ideas & tips for couples.

Romantic Ideas For Couples

After the honeymoon is over, do you find yourself setting into a cobweb of daily life not getting time to spend with each other? Or it may be that the heat between you seems to getting over. After the initial romantic, mushy time ends, people generally set in a daily routine and more often than not, they find themselves drained out of romance. When earlier you could not live without kissing each other, now days goes on without a small peck on the cheek. Is it because your romance has gone out of window? It is not that you don’t love your partner anymore, it’s just that you need to recreate the romance. Actually romance and love contrary to the general belief, are not proportional to each other. You need to work in order to keep the romance alive. Read on to know more about the unique romantic ideas for couples.
Write A Letter
Showing romance doesn’t only mean going for expensive dinner, it lies in small things. Take out time to write letters for each other. The problem with us is that we generally are not able to completely show our love by speaking. In this case, writing will help you. You don’t have to be an Oxford graduate to write a perfect love letter. Just pour your heart out in your letter and you both will find you falling in love with each other all over again. 
Play Together
It is important to spend time together and what better way to spend time together than to spend time playing with each other. It can be any kind of game and you are free to make your own rules. You can play both indoor and outdoor games and put some romantic reward for winning. It will not only keep you healthy but also bring you closer. 
Cook Together
Cooking can be made romantic if both of you cook together. The food would not only be tasty but also would be filled with love. However, instead of heavy preparations, cook something light and romantic. Have the dinner in candle light and enjoy the meal in each other’s company. 
Romantic Outdoor
You don’t have to spend big bucks all the time to spend vacations in some exotic locations. Go for picnic or some place near. Explore new places and spend romantic camping. If you can’t find time to go for a small vacations also, wake up early and go for a long walk holding hands. Spend time exploring something, which you both like to do. 
Watch Sappy Rom-Coms
Spending time watching romantic movies will bring you together. Spend a day having a movie marathon with old and new and both your favorite movies. You could also watch those movies, which you watched together when you were dating each other. 
Take Romantic Bath Together
Even in the daily grinding you could find some time to spend with each other. You could take scented bath together which would be a very romantic thing to do. Relaxing in an intimate company of each other would only bring you closer and fill your heart with romance. 
You don’t have to wait for your wedding anniversary to celebrate. Celebrate the day when you first met and the day you proposed or even the day you made love for the first time. This small celebration will keep your romance alive for a long time.

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