Romance needs more love rather than a lot of time or planning, contrary to what most think. Here are some romance tips for busy couples.

Romance Tips For Busy Couples

Women, the moment they get married, act as if a rose tinted glass is glued to their eyes, – they want everything rosy and peachy for the rest of their lives. Even the women, who work and have lives of their own like to behave as if their world has suddenly become better because of matrimony. Working spouses or those who are career driven often find that, after a few years, the initial euphoria of togetherness has gone. Work keeps them busy all the while, they come home late, gobble whatever is available at home and fall asleep, only to be woken by the alarm the next day. Togetherness, spending time, those sweet nothings that both of them loved to exchange, are all gone for a toss as the mad rush to make a living and to be recognized in the fickle world of the rat race begins. Children, who the world thinks would bridge the gap between the couple, only tend to broaden the divide at times. What should such a career driven, on their toes, 24X7 couple do to keep the romance alive? You need to take it slow once in a while, put a break to your fast paced lifestyle and stop to smell the flowers. Here are some romance tips for busy couples.
Romantic Ideas For Busy Couples
Together We Work 
Since you have promised to share everything – the good as well as the trying times, you might as well share work around the house too (yes!). Simple things like doing dishes, making dinner (the woman cooks and the man chops vegetables, for instance), folding up laundry, clearing clutter or doing away with all the junk in the house are only a few examples of the various things a couple can do together so as to be able to spend time with each other. You could run errands together; shop for groceries together, take your child to the paediatrician together and so on. While your hands are busy, you could talk about important topics that centre around the two of you or the family, what you are facing or going through at work and so on.
When You Love Them, Show Them 
Most of us fail to establish the fact that communication – verbal and non-verbal – could make all the difference between a failed or a successful relationship. A simple squeeze of the hand, opening the door for her or him when getting into the car or into a restaurant, holding hands while walking in the crowd and so on will only prove to be a reaffirmation of your love for each other. Such habits, which you followed during your courtship years, should not end with the courtship period. This is often a complaint that women make about the men they marry – they forget to do those little things that matter to women most and realise it only when they have either lost a considerable amount of time or they have lost their women! Expressing love without the use of words is the easiest way to get it right for a relationship threatened by careers.
Stay In Touch 
Learn this unwritten rule of keeping relationships alive – calling once or twice in a day while at work is not interference or being over concerned! Calling or texting more than five times in a day is, nevertheless, irritating for either of the spouse. Calling on your spouse once or twice in a day is solicitous without being overtly so or causing claustrophobia. It shows that though you are concerned about the other person, you are aware of and respectful of his or her personal space.
Date Me My Friend 
So what if you have been married for the last five years? There is no time period after which you should stop celebrating married life. If life isn’t one long honeymoon, which is shared by two individuals, honeymoon in Paris has no meaning. You could just schedule a day for the two of you to be together, send your children to their grandparents’ place and spend some time together – be it a dinner at home or an outing for the weekend.

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