If you are tired of being bullied by those bullies every now and then, follow the article below to find tips on how to avoid bullying. Avoiding bullying is the best way to deal with the bullies.

How To Avoid Bullying

Whether on the school playground or at the professional workplace, you can often find yourself as the target of bullies. Not only do they frighten you by shaking your confidence levels, they also cause you bodily harm and injuries. Bullying has increasingly become a widespread problem haunting people across the globe. Bullies look for weak people and prey on them. By doing so, it makes them feel strong and powerful. Usually, soft spoken and weak people become the prime targets. While avoiding bullies is not easy, taking certain steps can help you avoid situations, thereby escaping an attack. Read on further to find tips for avoiding bullying. Hope these tips come to your rescue!
Tips For Avoiding Bullying
Ignore The Bully
Try your level best to ignore the bully’s threats. Since bullies are expecting you to react largely to their teasing and meanness, simply ignore and walk past them to a place of safety. Acting as though you haven’t noticed or do not care would be like giving out no reaction. This, in turn, can stop the bullies from portraying such a behavior.
Stand Up For Yourself
Be brave and confident and stand up for yourself. Raise your voice and speak out to let the bully know that you are not weak. If he/she is demanding something, stand up and say “No”. If you agree to the bully’s terms, you are likely to face more bullying ahead. Moreover, remember, such people bully those who do not stand for themselves. You can also have some other people standing by your side to tell the bully to stop teasing or scaring people.
Do Not Bully Back
If someone is bullying you or your friends, do not hit, kick, push back or get into a heated argument. Keep in mind that the person wants you to react. If you counterattack or retort, you would be solving his/her purpose and thus, satisfying the bully. There are chances of getting hurt in the fight as well. Hence, it is best to stay with others, stay safe and take help from an adult in an out-of-hand situation.
Do Not Show Your Feelings
Getting angry or showing that you are upset by the behavior of the bully will only induce him/her to take further steps in bullying you. Hence, it is important to distract yourself and keep your mind occupied, to avoid thinking about the bully. Keep yourself busy until you are out of the situation or at a safe place where you can show your feelings.
Talk To An Adult
Let an adult know about you being bullied. Find a person who is trustworthy and can come to your rescue. At school or college, seek help from teachers, principal, parents or friends. Students are likely to stop bullying when teachers come to know about it, since they are afraid of being punished by their parents. In case you are facing bullying at work, report to the concerned authorities and let them handle accordingly.

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