Dating etiquette should be followed by both men and women religiously, if they want to win the heart of their date. Explore this article to find the etiquette tips on dating.

Dating Etiquette

Dating is one of the means to discover a partner from the opposite sex for love, romance, long-term relationship or even sex. It is about two people coming together in order to know one another and find out whether they are compatible or not. It allows two people to form a close bond, if they click off instantly and successfully. Hence, to make a date successful, it is crucial to have a good knowledge of dating rules and etiquettes. After all, you want to make an indelible impression on your date, isn’t it? As truly said, the first impression is the last impression. By following some important date etiquettes, you can etch an impressive impression in the first date itself. Read on to know them.
Dating Manners
  • If it is your first date, it is best to meet for a coffee and not for a meal. This will make it easy for you to depart early if there is no chemistry.
  • Make sure that you maintain eye contact with your partner to give as much of your attention as possible. Your partner should feel that he/she is the only person around. Do not assume the date to be an excuse for general partying.
  • Be courteous and complimentary. Since your partner has made efforts to look his/her best, avoid any negative opinions and comments at this time.
  • When you have finalized the date and time for the meet, make sure you turn up, unless you have given a prior notice for canceling the date. Do not make a person stand up as it will only show your disrespect for the prospective date. 
  • One of the crucial aspects that most men and women usually overlook is punctuality. Avoid keeping your date waiting at all costs. Ensure that you turn up on time. Arriving late simply shows your lack of respect for your date and time. It also reflects how disorganized you are.
  • Stub the butt during a date, unless you are sure that your partner has no problems with the habit. Smoking in a restaurant will only lower your image and illustrate your disregard for others.
  • Do not be rude or argue with others on a date. This will only reflect your negative qualities to your date. Be patient and try to portray your best qualities out.
  • Be a good listener and allow equal space for your partner to put forward his/her thoughts. Listening will also show your interest and ability to compromise.
  • Dress well as going for a date is no excuse for looking shabby. Dressing poorly will only reflect your laziness and impertinence for your date, who, on the other hand, has taken all the efforts to look nice.
  • Never use foul language or swear as this would make you sound like an idiot. Remember, the two of you have met to know each other better and to find out whether or not you are compatible. Setting off a bad impression would only make you look and sound as an imprudent person.
  • Do not talk about your ex-partner or past dating experiences in your first date. It is alienating, inappropriate and shows that you have no class. Also, avoid asking personal questions to your date on the very first go. Try to know your date in the present and avoid probing into his/her past.
  • Do not lie on a date to make yourself sound good. Remember, no lie lasts for a long time and that you would be caught eventually, resulting in rejection. Be true. In case you cannot, avoid the subject.
  • Always make your date feel comfortable. Avoid attempting anything that will make him/her feel uneasy. A man should ensure that his date reaches home safely either in a cab or by other means.
  • Be entertaining and witty and avoid drinking too much.

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