Looking for ways to keep the spark alive in your dating relationship? If yes, these expert tips on dating relationship are likely to keep the wheels of your relationship oiled for good.

Dating Relationship Tips

Have you ever wondered what makes some dates click at first and then go completely haywire at a later stage? Well, finding a date and wooing a mate may be easier, but keeping the spark alive and kicking after the dating game is over may be a different ball game altogether. You may have stiletto sharp male-bonding skills, but if you don’t know how to blow your amazing courtship into a wonderful romantic union, then your skills are pretty much effete. You don’t really need the goddess of coquetry to grace you with the charms to hook a date and blow it into a steady relationship, but you need basic sensibilities and a few relationship essentials to lunge your dating game to its climax. If you wish to be paired as an ‘awesome twosome’ and are looking for effective tips to hook your new pal for good, then the following guidelines on dating relationship should take your bond to a whole new different level. Read on to know more on this.

Dating Advice
Break The Boring Dynamics
When in a steady relationship, couples tend to communicate in a very predictable way, reading into every action and reaction of their partner, thereby knapping off the surprise element from their romantic liaison. Thus, it’s extremely important to break the torpor and inject a fresh lease of life into a relationship by deviating from the usual and acting a tad bit differently. For instance, if you are into the habit of snubbing your guy for being tardy all the time, just try talking to him in a nicer, friendlier tone and see things work out for you. Try this, it really works!
Keep In Touch
If you thought that oodles of hugging, kissing and snuggling were good enough to keep your relationship on the fast track, you couldn’t have been truer! Simple acts like holding hands, caressing, cuddling or even a quick kiss on the cheek is good enough to get your partner glued to you for long. Caressing is believed to trigger feel-good hormones in the body, thereby boosting affection and togetherness among couples.
Don't Be BFFs
Being friends with your man may sound good in theory, but it’s a terrible idea in the real sense. Imagine courting a guy who is less of a boyfriend and more of an “agony-uncle” to you. Having a bum-chum kind of a rapport with your partner not only undermines the couple-quotient, but also extinguishes all sparks. So put away the gab sessions for your gal pals and brew up some exciting chemistry to keep the flame alive for long.
Embrace The Positives
There are better ways to tell your partner how his/her irritating habits drive you up the wall than rave and rant about it! Remember, no one likes to be marked off as wrong. So if you wish to tell your partner about any of his/her annoying habits or shortcomings, sandwich your remarks between two positives and dish it out. For instance, if you wish to complain about his slowness, try something like this- “You know, I love the fact that you're so easygoing, but it really vexes me when you show up so late. I'm sure you can still be the fun guy I adore and also be on time."
Take A Break
Daily grind, rotational work schedules and hectic weekdays can get into the nerves of your relationship and mar your moments of togetherness. Hence, it is important to take a break from the “quotidian minutiae” and take some time off to spend some “we-us-ourselves” time together. Switch off the cell phones, shut down the internet, and whoosh off to some off-limit area where you can take out some precious time to bond and reunite.

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