Science is required in every field and hence, its importance cannot be overlooked. Discover the significance of science by glancing through this write up.

Importance Of Science

Imagine a world without science and technology. No computers, no cars. No vaccines or cures for diseases. Wouldn’t life be joyless and extremely hard? However, with science on our side, it’s an entirely different story. This simply depicts the importance of science in our daily lives. We are handicapped without the presence of science and technology. Right from the day when man began to eat, wear clothes, and light fire, science became an inseparable part of life. And since then, several advancements have continuously been evolved to make life a little less painful for humankind. The world’s become a smaller place to live in. Time and distance have been empowered by science. Within a few hours, we are on the other side of the globe. The traditional ploughs and bullocks have been replaced by tractors making agriculture and cultivation an easier process. These are just a few examples that represent the significance of science in an individual’s life. Find out more on the importance of science by browsing through the lines below.
Significance Of Science
Science has helped man to study and grow his knowledge on the human body and contribute towards saving millions of lives worldwide. Various incurable diseases can now be treated with the development and invention of new medicines. Horrible diseases have now found a place in the list of curable or preventive diseases. Further, studies and researches are continuously performed hoping to find solutions for as-yet-incurable diseases.
The invention of internet and mobile phones are perhaps two of the most significant contributions of science to humankind, with respect to communication. At the press of a few buttons, you are able to talk to your near and dear ones residing across oceans. Further, to catch a glimpse of them, you can switch on to chat rooms and enjoy live conversations. To add to this, meetings and conferences have become less tiring and cost effective with the development of video conferencing facilities.
Automobiles and transport industries cannot be left behind when it comes to talking of science and technology. Different modes of transport have been developed to carry people, machines and other equipments from one corner to the other, round the globe. The early bicycles have now been transformed into scooters and sport bikes offering better speeds. Every now and then, four and six wheeled vehicles are launched on roads, allowing people to easily move from one place to another. Talking about air transport, the immense positive developments have winged the common man to soar high.
Space Exploration
Scientists are continuously in the race of exploring and understanding the working of the earth that we live on and the entire physical world, in general. Different occurrences taking place in nature are analyzed through countless experiments. These include studying the nature of the stars, learning the size of the universe, discovering other planets and their nature, and, moreover, understanding the age of the earth.
The traditional methods of generating electricity through burning coal have now been replaced by new conventional methods. Thermal plants have been established even in the remotest areas of the world, providing the basic electricity needs to every household. To add on, electricity is used to draw water from oceans and rivers to supply to homes, so that no home is without light and water. It is through electricity that we do not feel hot during summers and cold during winters. Certainly, science has a large piece of share in the electricity section as well.
Various procedures have been developed to convert barren lands and deserts into fertile fields that can be used for cultivating crops and providing food for more people. Tractors have taken over the traditional bullock carts and ploughs, thereby reducing farmers’ job of concentrating over a particular area at one time.
Television, radio, theater, mobile phones, CD players, iPods, and music systems have been a major source of entertainment to human race. Without science, these would not have been available to us. At the click of a button or key, we can update ourselves with the latest news and developments taking place anywhere across the world. Slice in a CD and you have a discotheque ready at your home. Switch your mobile phone to the music player mode and you can listen to your choice of songs anywhere anytime. A movie is about to release this week. Book your tickets in advance through internet or phone and you are at the theater for its premier.

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