Information and Communication Technology (ICT) benefits all sectors of the society increasing confidence, creativity and productivity. Read through the article to know the importance of ICT.

Importance Of ICT

Unlike information technology (IT) that makes use of computers and the internet to handle and store information, information and communication technology (ICT) is a technical term that includes IT as well as telephonic, broadcast media, and other kinds of audio and video processing and transmission. Hence, ICT is a more general term that focuses on the role of communication in information technology. Telephone networks are merged with computer networks and necessary software through a single cabling or link system to progress communication smoothly and conveniently. As such, information and communication technology brings along several wealthy new opportunities and careers to explore. Read through the following lines to know the various benefits of information and communication technology.
Significance Of Information And Communication Technology
Inclusion of ICT in the school curriculum helps students to make effective use of resources and development of students’ interests in studies. With the use of high-quality standard simulation for demonstrations, students can be encouraged to take keen participation in studies. As a result, they can achieve better grades in other subjects, apart from information technology (IT) only, and determine the different ways of using the requisite information in specific ways. Therefore, ICT becomes all the more important from an early age so as to familiarize the students with it, as it is not a one-time course, and will be required throughout the education and adult life. 
Due to its high accessibility and affordability, ICT solutions are providing a number of employment and entertainment opportunities. Society groups are taking due advantage of ICT in transforming and using the untapped resources to the best utilization. Further, due to easy access of ICT to telecommunication services, remote areas have been introduced with mobile banking and internet services, thereby contributing to socio-economic development. Also, communicating and interacting with peers over long distances has been reduced to a mere telephone, email, or video conferencing.
Environmental Stability
ICT is largely being used in environmental monitoring of projects to improve the standard of living of the population. People who are illiterate about the unprecedented knowledge of environmental systems are educated about the same and different ways of utilizing them. These literacy barriers are broken through communication, such as using video and radio. Further, they are empowered to bridge the gap between environment and development.

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