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Smartest Animals In The World

Our planet is full of living organisms all special in their shapes, sizes and ability to adapt and survive. As human beings we take pride in being the dominant of all the creatures because of our superior thinking abilities. Our thinking and behaving abilities have lifted us to the top of the food chain. However, little do we realize the fact that there are some species of animals that have also been successful in breeding, expanding and adapting to the changing climatic conditions. It is quite fascinating to see how few animal species posses a certain unique sense of approaching natural phenomenon like earthquakes and typhoons that even humans can’t. Animals have their own way of communicating, adapting to environment and sense of understanding. There are few species of animals that have ‘almost’ the same thinking, reasoning and adaptive qualities as that of human beings. This article presents you with a list of the smartest animals in the world and tries to bring forth the unique techniques used by them for communication and survival.

Worlds Smartest Animals 

The first name that comes in mind when discussing about the smartest animals in the world is definitely that of the chimpanzee. Chimpanzees can be found in the tropical forests and the wet savannas of Western and the Central Africa. This animal is known to have better memory power than any other living creature in the animal kingdom. They are known for their quick learning skills, organized thinking and smart execution of tasks. Chimpanzees can be taught to use computers to solve numerical problems, can be taught to use sign language to speak to humans etc. Chimps are also known for their advanced usage of tools and the use of these tools for planned attacks against members of their own kind and for breaking open nuts and tough seeds.

Bottlenose Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphins are part of the cetacean family and are considered to be the smartest animals inhabiting the oceans. Bottlenose dolphins are the smartest species of dolphins that have a large brain apart from the fact that their cerebral cortex and frontal lobe are 40% bigger than that of humans. Bottlenose dolphins are known to posses the ability to reason out, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend ideas and learn from experiences. Bottlenose dolphins are also known to use echolocation to hunt for their prey and the usage of squeaks and whistles to communicate with one another.

Rhesus Macaque Monkeys
The Macaque genus is the most widespread animal species after human beings in the world. Rhesus monkeys are well known for their intelligence and have been widely used in various biological and medical researches. Rhesus monkeys have a very good memory, ability to learn and make decisions. These monkeys use facial expressions which are very similar to that of humans. These monkeys have portrayed suicidal tendencies, planned attacks and can be termed as socially complex animals.

Elephants are symbols of wisdom and are known for their incredible memory power. They can create mental maps and can remember places and exact location of water holes and feeding areas they haven’t visited for years. The elephant’s brain is the largest of any land animal. They also have unbeatable hearing ability since they use both ears and trunk to listen. Elephants use bellows, roars, trumpet-like calls to communicate and can even use the ground to transmit sounds over long distances. Elephants have been known for exhibiting a number of behaviours like actions associated with grief, music, compassion, playing and advanced usage of tools. Elephants are also known to be artistic and are said to paint portraits expressing themselves.

African Grey Parrots
The African grey parrot is a species to be found in the Western and Central African rainforest. The African grey parrot can not only imitate human speech, but can also associate words with their meaning and can form small sentences using the words. These parrots communicate with one another through calls and body language. These parrots are easy to train to have conversations and perform other entertaining activities.

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