Am I in love with him? Are you often being puzzled by this very common question? Go through this write-up to find out how to know if you surely love him or not.

Am I In Love With Him

“I love him. I don’t love him”. Don’t you think you’re missing something? Yes, the freshly plucked daisy! But then you've just realized that pulling out daisy petals will not help you come out of your puzzled state. Now, are you wondering what to do? How to know whether or not you really love him? Is it just a mere lust or infatuation? There is a huge difference between being infatuated towards a guy and falling in love with him. But, it sure is hard to tell initially as the signs of both feelings are the same. Confusion, confusion, confusion! To tear apart your confusion, just check whether these signs ring a bell in your mind and heart. A sweet shy smile pops up when you are encountered by him. The mere smell of his perfume drives you crazy, while you are walking by his side. You blink and turn away shyly when you are caught gazing at him secretly. The restlessness and the impatience when he is not around! Your eyes searching for one more sight of him just before the two of you depart for the day! Well, if you hear the bells ringing, know that you are in love and it is not just infatuation. However, these are just a few telltale signs. Listed below are signs that would make you sure of your feelings for him.
How To Know If You Love Him
Keeping A Check Of His Profile
Have you been lately monitoring his Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Orkut, or Hi5 profile? This simply shows you are trying to keep a track of his movements and conversations with other people. Do you feel jealous of the female friends in his friends’ list? Do you envy him maintaining constant contacts with others while keeping you aside? It’s time that you realize you love him madly and want him to be only yours.
He Is the Only One
Is he the only one you always notice amongst the entire crowd that is heading towards you? Do you only notice him amongst all his friends though you may have good contacts with them as well? Oh, the fire of love is gradually developing in you! Time to get alert, you are falling in love, sweetheart!
He’s The Smile
No matter how tensed or worried you are, the moment you see him, all your worries are converted into a huge smile. Also, you are just not able to control the huge grin that you sport on your face every time he’s around you.
His Voice Does The Magic
The moment you hear his voice, you are able to picture his face in front of you. Not only this, you even start passing smiles assuming that he is right beside you. Well, while your colleagues might mistake you for getting crazy, know that it’s nothing but cupid striking you!
Do You Love Or Lust Him?
If you really want to know if you love him and it is not any puppy love, make sure that you know the difference between love, lust and infatuation. While lust is sexual desire, infatuation drives one crazy about a guy but momentarily. However, love is something more than this. You find your happiness in that guy’s joyous moments and vice versa.
Love is all about trust, commitment, caring, feeling good and feeling positive. Such is the state that just a thought about the two of you together brings a glow to your face. Anything less than this is only lust, deep friendship, or mere attraction!
Do You Accept Him As He Is?
Love is not just about loving or liking a person’s particular habit or body part. It is accepting him and loving him in general, irrespective of his looks, personality and character. If you aren’t able to accept him with his imperfections, then you definitely must think all over again as your love for that guy isn’t that strong enough to convert it into a long-lasting relationship.

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