It just requires a bit of wisdom and practice to make a man fall in love with you. Check out some dating tips for girls to know how to make a man fall in love with you.

How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Making a man fall in love with you does not require too much of an effort, just a bit of articulation will be enough. You are a woman, you do not need to worry; you are born with the special skills of enticement and seduction. It is every woman’s art; all you really got to do is adorn your art. There’s no feeling ashamed in trying to allure your man. When we like something, then we are ready to do anything for it; why feel any different when you set your eyes on a man and you want him. It does not make you any less of a lady, in fact there is nothing more lady like than to get the man you want; the charm in getting him smitten has got a high of its own. You only have to bring your lady like features and qualities on the forefront. No man in the world would be able to resist your original feminine grace and aura. Believe it or not, that smile on your face is enough to bring his defenses down. It will melt his heart and is enough to make him worship you. But, the important thing here to remember is when, where and how to use that ravishing smile of yours. That is were the ability to articulate comes into play. You might be working or living nearby or knowing this guy for years and he might not have ever noticed you in a ‘special lady’ sense; but the moment you will work towards subtly capturing his attention, he will be weak in the knees for you in no time. Most of the men like women whom they can show off; chances are, your man will be slightly be aware of the efforts you will make towards getting him to fall for you. But, do not worry, for this will also be in your favor; he will know that you are strong headed and can get anything or anyone you want, not to mention that he will feel utmost flattered to be your object of desire. You must be wondering that all of this is alright but how in the god’s name will you ever be able to do this! What are we here for? Here are the tools and techniques, jotted down in simple tips to follow, to make a man fall in love with you.
How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You
Get Him To Love You
Be Attractive
Do anything for this one! It is absolutely exigent that you make yourself attractive for him. Stand out, so that he can finally notice you. Whether that means dressing up differently or behaving differently—whatever your strategy is—make sure you do something to grab his attention. Make him see you in a different light and make him curious. He should have an urge to figure out what is going on with you. You have to compel him to see that you are acting differently now. If you have been a shy girl all this while then it is time to come out of that shell and become a social butterfly. If you have been a plain Jane all this time he has known you, then doll up and entice him with some of your glamour. The point is to become a topic of pleasant confusion for him, so that he persuades you.
Appeal To His Senses
Man by nature is a very basic creature. He recognizes most of the things around him through his senses, whereas women recognize things by relating them with emotions. Try to appeal to all of his senses. Look fantastic so that he can not take his eyes off you; if you know his favorite color and style, even better. Smell like an angel, spray on yourself a beautiful fragrance and let him associate you with it. Make sure your skin is well hydrated and supple, for every time he will touch you he should feel like he is touching satin. Speak softly and sensually so that you become a delight for him to listen to. You should be able to capture over all of his senses and make him obliged to fall for you.
Mysticize Him
Do not give away all of you to him in one go. Let him yearn for you and do something to deserve you. Men like to chase women; anything they get easily does not really matter to them, it is essentially why qualities in men are associated with that of a hunter. Give him an opportunity to earn your love and care by being inviting but pulling away whenever it starts getting serious. This will keep him interested and he will take it as a game to win. And trust us, when he will ‘win’ you or win over you, he will always keep you as his prized possession. Let him play the guessing game.
Be Flirtatious
Be forthcoming with him. Men usually like the kind of women who take initiative. Be in-charge of the physical contact between the two of you. He will happily give you the lead; for all you know, this might be his ultimate fantasy. Candidly say something flirty to him, suggesting that you fancy him and long for him. Involuntarily touch him, or make it look like it is unintentional. Touch his arm while talking to him or settle his hair down or brush off something imaginary from his shirt’s collar; keep close. Especially when there are other people around you; play footsie from under the table, caress him, squeeze his arm gently or touch your own skin without any deliberation. All of this will very delicately hint towards the fact that you want him, which will make him want you more. But be careful to not come across as someone who just wants to sleep with him, this might be dangerous for he might think that you are just looking for something short-term. The magic lies in the ethereal balance between being a naïve angle and a sensual goddess. 
Be You
In all of this alluring and enticing, do not forget who you actually are. Show him your real side too. Show him how kind, funny and beautiful you are. He will appreciate every bit of it. And if he does not, then sister he is definitely not worth it. You can attract him with all the articulation but the real deal is the real you. He will ultimately fall for your tender nature, your strong personality and your magnetic intellect. Do not be shy to show him your silly side too; men love real women, women with imperfections.
Support Him
Men look for unconditional support in their women. Give your care and support to him; show him that you can be his rock. Appreciate him in the little things he does for you or little things about himself. Make him feel like he is safe with you, he does not need to pretend or constantly be on his toes around you. He will fall for your kindness and understanding. And if that happens, then you can relax for the rest of your life; he will never be able to get away from you, not at-least voluntarily.
Do Not Be A Pushover
In all the love, care and support you show to him just make sure that he is not treating you like a pushover. Stand your ground and do not give in to everything just because you are head over heels for this guy. He is only going to respect you if you will respect yourself. The moment you feel that he is taking you for-granted or treating you like you are just one of the options, immediately retrieve back. Big chance is he is going to understand your value and come on his knees to get you back. If he does not, well then there are many others out there for you.

Buddy Up
Be friendly with his buddies; when he introduces you to his bunch of friends, he is secretly hoping that you will get along with them. Keep your judgments and opinions to yourself; he does not want you to nag him about his friends. His friends are not your friends, so you do not worry having to like them, but whatever time you spend around them, act friendly. Crack a joke or two, be one of the boys; this will completely enamor him. He will love your swiftly transformation from a diva into a buddy. You do not have to go over the top and work very hard to get along with his friends; all you really got to do is flow with the flow. Do not question him about his choice in friends and certainly do not keep him away from them for a long time. A man needs to be with his guy friends as much as he needs to be with the love of his life. Men respect the kind of women who respect this about them.
Do Not Cling
Do not be obsessed with him. This is one thing that every man is scared of. He does not want you to hog on to his space and cling to him all the time. You should respect his freedom and his space; he is an individual and has got a life of his own. As a woman expecting a man to fall in love with her, you have to make peace with the fact that he is not going to call you all the time or text you every five second; but this is alright. It does not mean that he does not like you; it just means that he has got a lot of other things to do in his life. If you will nag him about his space and his time away from you, he will one hundred percent detest you. To make him fall in love with you, show him that you regard his space. This will elevate your image in his eyes.
Abolition Of Domination
Do not dominate your man; ever heard of great sayings about the fragility of a man’s ego? Do not step on it. Let him lead when he wants to lead, let him be ‘the man’ when he needs it the most. Having said that, do not let him dominate you as well, but understand the frail line of difference between the sense of ownership and possession or domination. Every man’s inherit desire is to own his female, if not all then may be just a little bit. Let him ‘own you’ once in while, this will only give him the sense of security. You do not want to be the dominatrix in the relationship because it will hurt your man’s ego and then the obvious will happen, he will look for a way out and find a much softer woman for himself; if only to boost his ego.
As a woman desiring for her man to fall in deep love with her, you need to learn the art of dependence-independence. You need to inculcate the sense to depend on your man when he wants you to and show him you are an independent woman whenever the situation calls for it. Resting your head on his shoulder is a good kind of dependence but making him run around for every little thing is the bad kind. Similarly, calling up and making a surprise booking at a restaurant is the good kind of independence but being self absorbed whenever he is around, digging your head inside your phone, taking work calls with him around is definitely the bad kind. Be sensitive to his likes and dislikes and you will be able to finely tune your dependence-independence meter according to him.  

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