Are you dating a Virgo man? Figure out how to make a Virgo man fall in love with you and see how it works.

Dating A Virgo Man

Mr. Perfectionist by compulsion—a Virgo man may not be tagged as unapproachable, but is definitely difficult to date, if you know nothing about him. Generally speaking, Virgo men are the prim and proper ones. They are cleanliness freaks of sort and abhor any mess around them. They generally think of things in terms of purity and that makes them difficult to please. Virgo men would want their woman to be neat, presentable and still interesting in a wild way—talk about paradoxes! But then that is how they are. They want a perfect balance in life, which makes life a tight-rope walk with them. However, getting a Virgo man to like you isn’t as difficult as it seems. Knowing the person a little in advance will surely tilt the balance in your favor. Though their extremely neat & tidy attitude differentiates them from the rowdiness that we have come to associate boys with, in the end, what matters is what they look for in a woman. Check out their traits and see how to work them to your benefit.
How To Make A Virgo Man Fall In Love With You
Copulatory Gaze
The look kills them all! A copulatory gaze refers to that pretty ‘oh-I-am-in-love’ look that catches people off-guard. This may be a flirtatious look, but can also be deemed as a look of interest. And what better way than a subtle hint to win the heart of a man who, in all probability, is subtlety personified!
Self Respect
Never forget that the Virgo man has to respect you to like you. If he does not respect you, then chances are that he’ll never take you seriously. The appeal factor for a Virgo man does not come with skimpy dresses and over exposure. It comes with respect and nothing else. Virgo men generally tend to fall for classy women, who stand out in their own might.
You can’t expect a thorough-bred Virgo man to fall for super-silly women. He appreciates a woman based on her ability to be mature and wild simultaneously. If you are too no-nonsense type, then maybe this Virgo is not for you. On the other hand, if you are too unfocused and immature, then you might as well give up on this one. You need to have a perfect balance between the two traits to allure a Virgo man!
Loyalty is a trait that everyone admires. But when it comes to the Virgo man, this trait becomes all the more important, because of his love for stability. Don’t dare to think of faltering your loyalties, once that you have him! Even when you are trying to get noticed, you cannot be equally flirty with all guys. However, don’t constrain your life. Add a dash of fun to the flirting game. Talk to other men around you and humor their flirtations to an extent that it does not make you look like you are a disloyal person. After all, it doesn’t hurt in letting your man knows that you’re in demand!
That is another trait you mustn’t forget. Being mature and loyal is one thing and being downright snooty is another. Do not expect your Virgo to die for you just because you look good and have a perfect balance of seriousness and humor. Though that might get him interested at first, know for sure that isn’t enough to get him hooked on, for good, forever.
This is one thing that features as you move further into the relationship with a Virgo man. He would want to control and despite being in a relationship the idea of relinquishing control would not naturally occur to him. You cannot fight it out of him, but you shouldn’t just handover all of your life to him as well. Virgo men are generally wonderful and caring people, but once in a while it wouldn’t harm if you put your foot down. Who knows it may make him respect you all the more!

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