Worried if your gal is being unfaithful? Take a sneak peek into this cheat sheet to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you! Here is more on signs of a cheating girlfriend.

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating on You

Wondering if your woman has her eyes set on another chump! Well, before you jump the gun and start hunting for her new fling, know that it can just be devil slogging overtime to plug your idle brain with a nasty hunch. Nevertheless, if you find your girl is super protective about her privacy, dodgy about her whereabouts and is less intimate with you than ever, then boy, it’s time for you to see her game and get running. Women are very detail oriented, so if you want to know what is amiss with your girlfriend, just sit back, don your detective hat and pay attention to every detail as she goes on with her love heist. Agreed, it is never an easy feeling to think of your ladylove pawing another man behind your back. Worse, if you know it’s true! Before you dump the boyfriend in you and turn into a sly sleuth, just rest easy and take a heed of the telltale signs to find out if your woman is rolling in another man’s bale.
Signs Of a Cheating Girlfriend 

Hello, Where Are You?
Does your girlfriend stay out more often than usual and comes back home really late? Has she got extremely busy of late and finds lesser and lesser time for you? Unless your girlfriend has been attending to her sick grandmom or midst of a busy work season or filling up extra hours on her pay sheet, her sudden ‘busy-business’ should put the red flag up for you. So if your girlfriend goes away on business too often and leaves you with sketchy details of her whereabouts, it’s time for you to find out the truth. 

Oh! He's Just An Acquaintance
Is your girl peaching a lot about new gym hottie of late who mysteriously shows up at everyplace your girl goes? Does she respond with reluctance when asked about him and casually dismisses him as just another friendly acquaintance? Well boy, then watch out, for this can be your real life adaptation of the Hollywood caper ‘Unfaithful’. If your girl is especially uncomfortable in sharing general details about her mysterious friend, much less introduce you to him, then it’s time for you to punch out. 

Not Tonight Sweetheart!
Earlier you guys were like animals in heat, full of passion and love and unstoppable, but now your girl rarely likes to hit the sheets. Wonder why? Well, it may be because she is bored of your antics in bed or is getting her kicks from another place. One of the telling signs of unfaithfulness is drooping sexual intimacy. So, if your girl says ‘no’ to your advances too frequently, then there are chances that your lady has her eyes, heart and everything else set elsewhere. 

Initially your girl used to confide everything to you, right from the smallest details about her pajama party to everything about her gal pals to the mundane goings-on in her life. However, of late she has become very tightlipped about her daily dealings and barely confides in you. What’s worse, she refuses to reply even the simplest of questions and stutters and reacts awkwardly when asked anything? Beware, for this sudden transition in behavior can finger towards a flailing relationship. 

Primp Up My Booty!
Is your girlfriend slogging double time in the gym or has ordered a completely new wardrobe and is putting in extra efforts to look good? Well, chances are that she may be doing the extra laps just to dazzle you and spice up things in your relationship. However, if she acts totally indifferent to your cascading compliments, then boy, something is surely wrong with your girl. 

Uh, Fugget it!
Does she pick on you for every silly reason that makes you squirm with guilt for no serious fault of yours, and then suddenly she slams the door right on your face and walks out of the house without any explanation? Does she constantly look for excuses to lash out at you? If yes, then you better get to the bottom of the things and find out what’s so wrong with you or maybe your girlfriend.

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