There are also signs that can let you know about the cheating in a relationship. Go through this article and explore the top signs of a cheating partner.

Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship

Having a partner who loves you and is there for you in every hour of need/ every crisis is the best thing that can happen to a person in this life. The knowledge that someone accepts you unconditionally is simply overwhelming. However, what happens when the same person charts on a course where cheating you becomes his favorite pastime? You breakdown and feel completely lost, after a long time. However, before you accuse him/her of the grave mistake, it is very important to be sure that what you are assuming is correct. How would you do this? Simple, by looking out for signs of cheating in your relationship, the most prominent ones of which have been listed below.
Top Signs Of A Cheating Partner
No Physical Intimacy
One of the top signs of a cheating partner manifests itself in the form of reduced physical attraction. Earlier, he/she was the one to initiate sex or talk naughty. Now, suddenly, he/she has started finding reason to avoid the sexual intimacy altogether. Forget about weekdays, he/she doesn't like to cuddle you on weekends also.
Emotional Distance
Along with the physical intimacy, you start missing the emotional closeness as well. Even when he/she is around you, you feel as if a huge distance has cropped up between the two of you. While having sex also, there is no emotional attachment. And cuddling, touching, kissing or holding hands has become completely taboo.
Communication Barriers
Lack of communication makes up another one of the most common signs of cheating in a relationship. Long silences seems to be much more evident now-a-days. Rather than talking to you, after getting back home from office, he/she prefers to watch TV. You do not know what is going in his/her life away from your 'sweet home'.
Demand For Space & Privacy
When your partner starts demanding some space and privacy in the life that he/she shares with you, it is the time to become cautious. He/she might disallow you from picking up his/her cell phone or even fiddle with it. There are calls at odd hours and he/she steps away from you, at attend them. Even his/her laptop and/or PC are out of bounds for you.
Meaningless Fights
Do you find that the fights between the two of you have become much more frequent? A cheating partner often tries to justify his/her behavior by finding faults in his/her better half. You might find him/her becoming angry at the most trivial of issues and create a mess out of it. The more frequent and petty the arguments become, the more you need to worry!
No Time For You
A cheating partner often tries to avoid spending time with his/her significant half. Your monthly romantic dinners seem to have come to an end, only because he/she is too busy at work. It has been ages since the two of you watched a movie together. If that wasn't enough, he/she even avoids going to the social functions with you.
New Habits
Start looking out for some odd behavior in your partner. Has he/she suddenly become much more conscious of his/her looks than he/she was earlier? Are his/her expenditures on the rise, without an explanation? Does he/she encourage you to be on your own more? If yes, then it is the time you did some serious relationship analysis!

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