Fasting is a wonderful health option and an excellent way to bring physical and mental balance. Read below to learn more on the health benefits of fasting.

Benefits Of Fasting

Given the choice of fasting or feasting, a majority of us would choose the latter with open arms, for who doesn’t like eating or gorging up on delicacies. After all, as the common reasoning goes, if nature has given the living with an empty stomach, then she certainly doesn’t want it to stay empty. It can also be argued that animals have never known to voluntary go on a fast. But then neither do the animals overeat, nor get addicted to alcohol, which we humans have such a weakness for. To top it, animals do not indulge in activities that lead to enormous stress on the body. Thus, it can be argued that though fasting is not according to nature, it has become an apparent necessity due the huge number of lifestyle related ailments that we are prone to nowadays. Through fasting, our body gets rest and recovers from the energy-consuming task of metabolic activity, thereby focusing more on cleansing the body of toxics. However, before going on a fast, one thing should be kept in mind. Complete fasting can be very harmful for the body as the body requires nutrients and minerals. During a fast, you should drink water and juices. You can also have a bowl of soup or salad once a day. The trick is not to get malnourished by supplying the body with necessary nutrients. Keep in mind that fasting is to ensure a healthy body. Read the article below to know the benefits of fasting.
Health Benefits Of Fasting
Overcoming Addictions
Through fasting, all forms of addictions can be disposed of. Addiction to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol can be conquered more efficiently when one fasts, because it reduces the withdrawal symptoms. This makes it easy to control the cravings for such substance, as the withdrawal symptoms are the main barrier that deters people from overcoming addiction.
Lowers Cholesterol
When fasting, you naturally stay away from all forms of junk foods. Oily and greasy foods are the main cause of high cholesterol and so fasting significantly lowers the level of cholesterol in the body. Also, during fasting you can take in juices, fruits and vegetables. These foods have minimal cholesterol and provide the body with nutrients.
Gastrointestinal Disorders
As a result of our faulty diet, most of us, nowadays, suffer from various gastrointestinal ailments. The most common of such problems are, undoubtedly, constipation, bloating and gastritis. Fasting provides a healing touch to these ailments. When fasting, the gastrointestinal system gets the time to revitalize and also enhance its function. Thus after breaking the fast, the gastrointestinal system becomes more efficient and is less likely to develop ailments.
People suffering from diabetes have to make crucial lifestyle and diet changes. This is required for effective treatment. Such changes are not easy to make. However, after fasting, the body becomes more attuned to such changes and one doesn’t have any difficulty in adjusting to a new lifestyle.
Fasting is the best way to detoxify the body. During a fast, the body eliminates all the toxic chemicals and free radicals from the body, thereby making us all the more healthy and fit.
To increase mental alertness, nothing is better than fasting. This is because during fasting, the toxins are eliminated from the body. So, when the blood stream and the lymphatic system gets cleared, the mental clarity improves automatically. When fasting, the body uses less energy in digesting food. This energy can be used by the brain for thinking purpose.
Blood Pressure
According to a study, people with high blood pressure can return to their normal blood pressure level after a fast. There is no need of any medication and to maintain the normal blood pressure level, they should undergo fasting periodically.
Weight Loss
Fasting naturally can make anyone lose weight. Since solid foods are less consumed during a fast, the body uses the accumulated fat for the energy required, which results in loss of weight.

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