Did you know that the abstinence of food for few hours proves to be highly beneficial for the body? Check out this article to know the importance of fasting.

Importance Of Fasting

Fasting does not necessarily mean starving yourself by avoiding complete food for long durations. It, however, means abstinence from eating certain foods for shorter periods. The process of fasting generally follows certain rules, especially the time when you eat and eating specific foods in moderation during that period. Fasting forms a major tradition of most religions practiced across the globe, the most significant of them being Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism. While every religion observes fasts on the basis of their respective rituals and practices, the fundamental idea behind it remains the same. Most of them relate fasting to doing wonders for the human body in terms of health and growth. As stated by health experts, even one pound of extra fat is sufficient to provide full day calories. Thus, fasting helps the body to maintain its calorie requirements and prevents it from exceeding the limit. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of fasting. Follow the lines below to know the significance of observing fasts.  
Significance Of Fasting
Fast Healing
Followed on the advice of a specialist, fasting is believed to bring phenomenal benefits to the body. Initially, the blood stream flushes out large quantities of waste through every pore, including a thick coat on the tongue and a foul breath emanating from the mouth. Gradually, the body gets rid of the body fat, diseased cells, and mucus. Further, wastes from blood streams, liver, spleen, and kidney exit from the body. In the process of flushing out toxins and old tissues, the efficiency of each cell is enhanced. Thus, fasting serves as healing and energy conservation process.
Overcoming Addictions
Fasting is extremely beneficial in reducing addictions to drugs, such as alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, and caffeine. Further, it helps in withdrawing symptoms that induce people to take drugs. Apart from drugs, fasting has also shown effective results in helping people to quit smoking and drinking.
Recovery From Back And Neck Problems
Back and neck pains require extensive and conservative care, failing which can lead to severe disorders. Science has been kind enough to discover various methods to treat such problems through rest and exercise, improved posture and body use, chiropractic manipulation, and physical therapy. However, patients who have received such extensive treatments during fasting have shown dramatic improvements as against those who received without fasting.
Treating Uterine Fibroid Tumors
Conditions where drugs and surgeries are recommended, fasting has proved to reduce pain and their side effects. Uterine fibroid tumors, for instance, lead to excessive pain and bleeding, which can be solved only through hysterectomy, that is, removal of the uterus. Fasting through conservative methods has reduced the chances of women undergoing hysterectomy. To add on, ovarian cysts and cervical dysplasia have also displayed positive responses to fasting.
Rapid Weight Loss
Fasting is one of the most effective ways of losing those extra pounds of fat when followed systematically. However, extreme fasting should be avoided as the body can backfire to severe dieting. When followed steadily, a person loses 2 pounds each day getting rid of excess water. However, the weight loss will slow down to ½ pound per day after the body completely done with water weight.

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