Playing sports may be just a hobby for some, but for many others it is a passion . The importance of sports in life is mostly not thought about. Here we point out the significance of sports.

Importance Of Sports

It was man’s desire for a healthy pastime and a method of self evaluation and competition that gave birth to sports. Sports have been part of humanity from the earliest chapters of history. The games played in Egypt and Mayan civilizations prove this. Football, hockey and rugby are followed as religions, whereas the athletic meets are always full of celebrations. Sports have been an integral part of our generation from early childhood. However, the statement does not stand true in the present scenario anymore, as the new age kids have moved their playgrounds to cyber world, thus losing out on all the fun and learning experience. As peers, parents and friends, it is important to look deep down and ask ourselves that have we said and done enough for kids to know the real benefits of sports in life? Well, to preach we need to practice and for practice we need understanding too. Herein, we have tried to assimilate the importance of sports in the next few passages. Though it might not be sufficient to completely bestow the significance of sports upon the gen next, but it definitely is a start.
Significance Of Sports In Our Life
Health Is Supreme
No matter what sport you play, you are bound to have better health than people who avoid sports. No other activity is as productive in gaining endurance, strengthening of muscles and overall physical fitness as sports. To attain a fit body and pleasing and attractive personality, you need to play sports.
Productive Time Utilization
When we are playing, we actually utilize our free time in doing something good. In fact, parents who scold their kids for playing, instead of mugging up books in afternoons, must realize that the kid gains nothing from disinterested studying, while they gain good health and better psyche from games.
Super Brain
Playing increases sharpness of mind and mental strength. Sport teaches you how to handle failures with dignity, while enjoying victories to the maximum. Also, it trains people to handle crunch situations, where stress can try and pull them down. All positive traits for a healthy mind and a healthy persona can be gained from sports.
Improves Alertness
Sports teach you to be completely alert all the time. It also gives you the ability to make split second decisions, when you are required to do so. Playing games actually increases your brain activity; never letting your attention wander and also making you understand things in more detail. The knowledge, thus, achieved is not limited to the ground or the court and can be used in making spilt-second decisions in tough situations posed by life as well.
Sports are the healthiest way to de-stress yourself. Playing a game relaxes you and also gives a fresh positive feeling to life. A hard day at work can be really taxing and strenuous both for the mind and the soul. In such circumstances, what can be the best way to deal with the parched nerves than to jump into a pool of warm water and swim your way out of it!
Instills Confidence & Discipline
Self confidence is boosted by excelling in sports and while trying to excel, discipline becomes a part of life. Anyone who takes sports seriously knows the importance of discipline and the determination to succeed. He also becomes dedicated and responsible, in turn, becoming more successful and confident.
Team Player
Most of the popular games are team events and those played individually also have team versions. Playing team games makes a person more comfortable with others. It improves the interpersonal skills and makes a person efficient as a team player. He generates positive vibes that help him to work in any scenario with different people, who have different senses and sensibilities.
Career Path
Sports can also be chosen as a career. Sportspersons are heroes of national and regional importance who are looked up to. They are role models for many and are imperative people who do the nation proud throughout the world. As far as monetary benefits are concerned, playing sports is today a booming career, given the kind of money involved. Sportspersons make lots of money through endorsements and other activities, apart from the money generated through sports.

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