Whether you are writing, reading or speaking, having a good vocabulary is important for the expression of ideas and thoughts. Browse through this article to know the significance of vocabulary.

Importance Of Vocabulary

‘Actions speak louder than words’. Guess, everyone agrees with this popular adage. But the bitter truth is that this is not always true. At times, words tend to speak louder than anything else. This is evident from the words and expressions that a person uses to tell his story. Thus, the vocabulary of a person speaks volumes about who he is and what is he capable of. Likewise, vocabulary becomes an essential part of education, in order to portray yourself as a successful professional or genius apart from your appearance and the way you carry yourself. This itself suffices the importance of vocabulary in all walks of life. Read through the following lines to know the significance of vocabulary.
Significance Of Good Vocabulary
Successful Communication
Vocabulary plays an essential role in creating understanding of language through what a student hears and reads in school. Hence, vocabulary becomes all the more important than grammar, as it is this vocabulary that helps the student to communicate successfully with people within and outside his circle. Thus, for this reason, it becomes vital to build up a large store of words. Studies indicate that possessing an extensive vocabulary has strong links with achieving school and college success.
Expression Of Thoughts
You need words to think and to express those thoughts, you again need words. To prove this idiom, try solving a problem without coming up with words. You can’t, as it is just plain impossible. Thus, language is the key tool that helps our mind to think, plan, solve problems, and finally succeed. Therefore, the more words you know, the more ways you can use to think about things and more tools can be utilized to plan and solve problems. All in all, a better vocabulary improves your ability to think and express yourself.
Self Judgment
Accept it or not, every time you open your mouth to speak, it is not the language that people are judging, but the words and expressions you emphasis on, thereby figuring out how competent, successful, or smart you are. Research shows that people with a good vocabulary are more likely to be judged as competent and proficient.  
Better Image
As you learn and understand the meaning of more words, you will be able to use better descriptive words to communicate your thoughts clearly and fluently. Further, this can reduce your chances of making eliminating noises, such as ‘umm’, ‘uhh’, ‘you see’, ‘you know’, and ‘I mean’, while indulging in face to face conversation. It is only after learning colorful and interesting words and strengthening your vocabulary that you will be able to project a more intelligent image in public and personal grounds.
Better Job Opportunities
A low vocabulary serves to a serious handicap for any individual with poor communication skills. Though ambitious and energetic people are able to push their ways to reach heights, they settle at a limited plateau only because of their low vocabulary. As a result, they never advance. Believe it or not, the world expects us to display our knowledge rather than our possibilities to achieve our goals. The aptitudes are left far behind as the company pays us for our knowledge. Thus, vocabulary, unintentionally, plays an important role in the resume of a professional to get a good career.

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