Are you a shark lover? Then perhaps you already know the different types of sharks present. Go through this article to learn more about the different kinds of sharks.

Types Of Sharks

Remember those terrifying yet amazing creatures in the famous movie “Jaws” or the “Deep Blue Sea”? Of course you do! Sharks have mesmerized men since long which lead many scientists and researchers to study and understand their behavioral patterns. There has always been an aura of mystery surrounding sharks which has given rise to several myths and beliefs. Just by the word shark the picture that comes to our mind is of a mighty creature with sharp pointed teeth. However, sharks are of different types with different traits and characteristics. Unlike the popular belief, all sharks are not harmful to man. In fact, like most underwater creatures, sharks are also becoming rare these days, thanks to oil spill and other means of pollution and shark killing. If you are a shark lover, you should know the different types of sharks that have been prowling into the deep oceans for years. If you are interested to know more interesting facts about sharks and their different types, just scroll through the next section.

Different Kinds Of Sharks

Angels Shark
Angel sharks have a flat body resembling the body of a sting ray. These sharks bury themselves in the ocean floor with only the eyes and top part of the body out in the open. Angel sharks are bottom feeders and they mainly live upon mollusks, clams, and crustaceans.

Hammerhead Sharks
This variety of shark dominates the warm temperate water. They are frequently seen in inshore water where the depth is less than 20 meters. The compressed head with a broad flattened skull resembling a hammerhead is the typical distinguishing feature of the hammerhead shark.

Nurse Shark
These bottom dwelling sharks are mighty nocturnal creatures that sleep by day and hunt at night. These sharks have whiskers in their lower jaw and in front of nostrils that help them to sense taste and touch. Nurse sharks are very much ornamental and are often kept in aquariums.

Sandtiger Shark
These are also nocturnal in nature and prey at night. Sandtiger sharks are 10 feet long and have pointed teeth. The most interesting characteristic feature of these sharks is the presence of two uteri in the female sharks. Many sharks grow together in the uterus but the strongest one eats out all others before they are born.
Zebra Shark
These are small in size and not so mighty like the other types of sharks. They have a very gentle nature and can be easily kept in aquarium with other fish.

Wobbegong Shark
These are harmless sharks and frequent the coastal reefs of Australia. Wobbegong sharks have razor like teeth along with fine bristles that help them strain food from entering the mouth. These sharks are about eight feet long and are bottom dwellers. Their yellow, gray, and brown body colors help them camouflage with the sea floor.

White Tip Reef Shark
This is the most common variety of sharks that divers and snorkelers encounter along the tropical reefs. These sharks are typically grey with white tip on the fins and the tail lobe. White Tip Reef sharks vary in size between three feet and six feet.

Whale Shark
This is the biggest variety of sharks available on earth. These sharks can grow as long as 45 feet and can weigh up to 30,000 pounds.

Thresher Shark
Thresher sharks are known to have huge tails as long as ten feet. The shark uses its tail to herd small fish.

Blue Shark
Blue sharks are most common in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean. The shark has a distinct blue in appearance which has earned it its name. These sharks generally feed on small fish and squids and measure 3.8 meters in length.

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