Commonly seen in movies and cartoons, elves are often associated with fairies of the 19th century. Explore this article to know what is an elf and also discover the various types of elves.

What Is An Elf

Those short people donning stupid outfits with squeaky voices and no brains are often portrayed as elves by most of us. But little do we know that this definition is correct only for a few types, while majority of them are far different from what we generally presume them to be. Not very different from any other person walking on this earth, an elf is a living being belonging to any race, any height, any gender, and can live anywhere. Elves are slender and graceful with a height of 5 to 6 feet, weighing 95 to 135 pounds. Their distinguishing features include long, pointed ears and wide, almond-shaped eyes. Most of us assume them to live at the North Pole, which again is an incorrect fact. Elves are believed to have been appeared in Norse mythology bestowed with magical powers. They are linked with fairies of the 19th century in the English folklore living underground in hills or rocks, or in wells and springs. that you know what an elf is, let’s move on to the different types of elves.
Types Of Elves
Aquatic or Sea Elves
The watery surface below most of the world’s great seas is home of the aquatic elves. They breathe as easily under water as their cousins do above water. Aquatic elves have a greenish skin and hair with webbed hands and feet. At times, they resemble mermaid like creatures.
The Drow are the only group of elves that are inherently evil and chaotic. They reside below the surface of great cities and are considered to be bad sights by the surface dwellers. Drizzt Do’Urden is one of the popular Drows, known in the stories of ‘Dark Elf Triology’, ‘Icewinddale’, and so on.
Originally forest or wood elves, Lythari elves have the power to change themselves into wolves at their own will. However, unlike real wolves, these elves possess their sanity and mind, while transforming into wolves. It is for this reason that most scholars consider the Lythari to be a separate race from the ‘normal’ elves.
Moon Elves
Also known as silver elves, moon elves are the most common type of elves found on earth. They are characterized by gray to silver hues of hair, though some are found to have ravenblack as well. Crimelord Elaith Craulnober is a well-known moon elf from the ‘Songs and Shadow’ series and ‘City of Splendor: Waterdeep’. 
Snow Elves
These pale-looking elves reside in the highest mountain regions of the world. They are reclusive and worship the Lord of Mountains, Tarsellis Meunniduin. Living in the most remote areas of the world, they are generally led by the tribal priests known as “Peakwardens”.
Sun Elves
Sun elves are mostly found on the island of Evermeet and hence, are uncommon across the rest of the world. Also referred to as gold elves, sun elves have bronze colored skin, and gold, blonde or black hair. Compared to their counterparts, sun elves are less physically fit.
Wood Elves
Wood elves are one of the most isolated races of elves living in the woodlands and thick forests. They are regarded as boisterous and hedonistic by the other elf races, since they focus on strength rather than learning and gaining knowledge.

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