Do you wish to know the simple signs to tell whether a guy is interested in you? If yes, steer through this write up to learn more about the signs of a guy who is interested in you.

Signs A Guy Is Interested In You

Perhaps you are interested in a guy in your college or neighborhood and wish to go out on a date with him. Both of you are pretty good friends, but you are not sure if he is interested in you as a prospective girlfriend. It is said that women have a natural instinct and can sense a lot more than men. However, many women get confused when it comes to understanding guys. How do you know whether he likes you genuinely and is interested in you? Although many girls can feel when cupid strikes, some are often clueless. Moreover, men are not always very expressive and are known to find it quite hard to communicate their feelings very well. Nevertheless, they give out subtle signs to show that they are interested in a girl. You need to be very observant and understand those signs to know if he really likes you. To know more about some of these signs, just scroll through the section to follow and be well-informed.

Signs He Is Interested
  • Has he been ogling at you for quite some time? If yes, then perhaps he likes you! However, be sure to read those gazes correctly. If it is brief and if he is shy (he will remove his gaze as soon as you catch his sight) then he probably admires you. Nevertheless, if he looks at you constantly, then it could be he is trying to proposition you and it will be therefore wise for you to stay away from him.
  • Does he stammer when you are around? No matter how macho a guy is, they get nervous in front of girls they like.
  • Is this guy jealous when you speak to other guys in front of him? Does he try his best to grab your attention? Read the signs, he might be interested in you.
  • A guy who is interested in you will listen to you carefully. Does he remember your pet’s name or other trivial details you talk about? Does he surprise you with your favorite flowers on your birthday? If yes,  he probably likes you a lot.
  • Does he show up wherever you go? Do you find him in the coffee shop, in the library, or in the shopping store? It is not a coincidence; he is genuinely interested in you and is trying to get your attention.
  • If he really likes you, he might be sarcastic with you at times. Do not get offended by this behavior of his as he might be trying to impress you and let you know his feelings.
  • Does he offer special treatment to you by helping you with some work or by giving you a lift to your home? If yes, then these are some obvious signs that he likes you and he wants to take you out for a date.
  • Another obvious sign is that he will discuss with you with a common friend or a co-worker. Although he will make it appear as if the topic came up casually, his actual intention is to convey the message that he is interested in you.
  • Learn to read his body language. If he is genuinely interested in you, he will lean forward while talking to you.
  • Is he making plans with you? Have you told him that you like a particular movie and he gets two tickets for a premiere show of your favorite movie star? Watch out, perhaps he will soon want you out on a date.
  • If you see these signs in a guy, and you too are interested in him, go ahead and let him know about how you feel about him.  

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