Shy guys often make great boyfriends. Find out if any are eyeing you at the moment as you read this article.

Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

Every man is born different. Some fat, some thin. Some sharp, some blunt. Some ooze confidence while some reek of shyness. Yes, a coy boy may have his private reasons for being the way he is. However, when his needs clash with those of his bully or the high school jock, does he stand a chance at winning the battle? You’d never know who you’re more compatible with until you get to know the contenders individually and personally. You wouldn’t want to miss a golden ticket and as crazy as it may sound, this shy boy might be the prince charming you have waited since the time you watched “Beauty and the Beast”.  However, are you picking up on the signals correctly? Are you jumping to conclusions? Or are you dismissing him because he’s simply too out of your league? The fact of the matter is that you can never be too hasty with your judgement. Don’t make the mistake of dodging what could be the jackpot and facing the bullet out of sheer naivety! Read through the lines as you encounter the signs indicating that the shy boy’s heart beats for you, and accordingly decide what to do next!   

Signs A Shy Guy Is Interested

  • You’re deeply absorbed in Madame Eureka’s chemistry lesson and from the corner of your eye, you notice two pair of dreamy eyes riveted towards your seat. The moment your eyes meet with his, they take a 360 degrees tour around the entire room and pretend to be taking down notes instead? Was he looking at you? Couldn’t have been your bench mate Todd right? Or maybe it could! It’s a crazy world. However, he was definitely staring at you! You’re cute! If it was a bold jock, he would smile and wink! But he’s a shy boy. Cut him some slack. It happens two more times and your list of secret admirers has just gotten bigger!
  • Did he offer to carry your bag on your way back home? Did he promise to get you tickets to the biggest blockbuster of the month? Did he oblige to carry your lunch tray for you, perhaps because you’re tired from dancing class? Doesn’t this strike you as a tad bit suspicious? He likes you alright!
  • He blushes when you talk to him. Get a little closer to him and notice the prominent pink flush on his cheeks. He’s been thinking about you so much but is somehow low on confidence. When you inch towards him, he is lost for words and starts to blush uncontrollably. He will stammer throughout the conversation and might be lost for breath. Yes, he’s shy but he likes you. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t make the effort to chat you up.
  • So since the shy boy is the nervous wreck in your presence, he is most likely to muster the courage to confront your best friend. He might ask her if you’re available or what your favourite flowers are. That by all means, is a dead giveaway to his secret crush.
  • He is ridiculously self-conscious when you’re around. He is aware of his walk and his talk. He might even trip out of sheer apprehension. Talk to his friends and ask them if he usually behaves this awkwardly. If the answer is no, then you can’t deny that you’ve ignited inebriated butterflies in his tummy.
  • You’re having a bad hair day and everybody agrees that you look like a total mess. You’ve put on a few pounds and everybody thinks you resemble a walrus. To your surprise, Mr. Shy Guy walks up to you and says- “You look so amazingly beautiful today!” He is a love blind fool, but isn’t that oh-so-cute!
  • He does your homework or whatever pending work you may have almost every day! Nice gesture, but remember that deep down in his heart lies the quivering hope that one day- fruits will breed from this labour.

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