Most women face troubles in fathoming methods, to know if a guy likes them or not. Explore this article to know the simple ways on how to know if he likes you.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Women are often termed as being complicated. Well, it is true! However, men ain’t that simple either. It can be a challenge to tell whether a guy likes you or not. Most of the girls know when the cupid strikes, but there are some who have no clue as to what is going on around them. For them, it will do good to know that guys display a few characteristic traits when they like a girl. For instance, although they are masochistic in front of everyone, they will be fairly shy and timid in front of the girl they like. Read through the following lines to know more about how to to tell if a guy likes you.
Simple Ways To Know He Likes You
Verbal Signs
  • A good way to determine if a guy likes you is to observe interest in your conversation. If he listens to details about your life and remembers them, it shows that he is interested in you.
  • A guy who likes you will often tease you, make witty jokes about you, answers your questions with questions and be generally sarcastic. Do not get offended by his behavior as he is simply expressing his feelings indirectly.
  • If he is really interested in you, he will do favors for you, be it giving you a ride to and from office or helping you with a task at work that nobody else will do. He will take out time from his busy schedule to help you out when nobody else does. This is a sure sign showing that he likes you and wants you to think the same way.
  • If a guy likes you, he will discuss you with someone. This person can be an acquaintance, co-worker or mutual friend. Usually, he will give the impression of the topic being brought up casually. However, he will do this in the hope of the conversation being conveyed to you. These are signs that the guy wants to meet you and take you on a date.
  • A person who speaks properly in usual cases, but often stammers around you surely likes you. Typically, a guy gets nervous when he meets a woman he likes and this leads to stuttering. In such a case, a few conversations will break the ice and he will start speaking to you confidently. 
Non-Verbal Signs
  • The first non-verbal sign that he likes you is eye contact. Matching gazes is an important way to figure this out, as engaging on eye contact with the opposite sex is considered an invitation for conversation. However, the eye contact should last for five seconds and he should hold your gaze to let you know that he likes you.
  • If a guy is interested in you, his friends might tease him subtly when you are around him or in the vicinity. Gauge their body language by studying their reactions to your presence. Their smiling and smirking suggests that they know something that you probably don’t know.
  • Body language proves to be 85% stronger than verbal language, which only accounts for 15%. A guy who likes you will rarely turn his back to you, often leans towards you and look and gaze at you a lot.
  • Be it by accident, but if he brushing against you, this shows that, he sees you in an attractive way. The brush can be intentional or accidental. In this case, keep in mind that accidents do not happen regularly.
  • To find out if a guy has been checking you out for long, look up at something static and quickly turn to see if the guy has followed your eyes too. If he has followed you, it means that he was staring at you and will be very surprised being caught looking at you.

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