If you find yourself constantly thinking about someone, and wish to stop thinking about him/her, read on to find out how to get someone off your mind.

How To Get Someone Off Your Mind

It is a commonly seen phenomenon – of people who cannot get over someone who has hurt them, purposefully or unknowingly. In such cases, the person who has had to bear the hurt is seen to wallow in self-pity for as long as they can, or at least till their near and dear ones allow them to. Would it not be better if they found a way to get over the hurt, and the person who caused them that hurt, all by themselves? Of course, it would be good. The best way to do it is to stop loving the image of victim that we have created for ourselves. The moment we stop seeking solace in being a victim, we will accept any positive change in others and ourselves that we may encounter. Here are some other ways to get someone off your mind.
Ways To Get Someone Off Your Mind 

Busy Bee
The busier you are, the less time you have to think, especially about something or someone who left you with negative feelings. Keeping yourself busy with anything and everything that needs your attention is the best way to keep negative thoughts from plaguing you repeatedly. 

No Pity!
It is very convenient to wallow in the sewer called ‘self pity’; everyone loves the comfort it provides. In the long run, however, this attitude will bring more ruin as it does you no good and only deepens the feeling of hurt. Stop pitying yourself and come out the cycle of self-pity. No one, save you, can turn you into a victim. 

Forgive And Forget
Though this may seem easier said than done, it is the surest way to get someone off your mind. When you do not carry the negative feeling and have done away with it, you will find it easier to rid the memory of the person who caused it too. Even if it is completely clichéd a sentence to utter, “To err is human, to forgive divine.” Make sure there are no traces of any memories of the hurt and all negative feelings towards that person have been completely dispelled. 

Punch It Out
It is always easier to hurl blows on a punching bag than a human being; the bag will not hit you back like a person would. Invest in a punching bag and hang it in a place in your house, which is usually not visited much, say a huge storeroom or your study! Imagine the punching bag to be the person who hurt you and punch it with all your strength. You will feel great and you would not have hurt anybody at all. 

Less Interaction
As far as possible, decrease your interaction with the person who hurt you. The more you get to interact with that person, the more will be the hurt and resentment that will plague you. If the person is your colleague, who you cannot avoid for very long, you’ll have to find other ways to get him/her off your mind – the most effective of which is to forgive.

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