Have you been finding it increasingly difficult to remember important things and keep your mind sharp? Explore the article to find some valuable tips on how to stay mentally sharp.

How To Stay Mentally Sharp

While mental sharpness and alertness is a natural gift for some, there are many who struggle to keep their brain active and responsive all the time. It may not be easily possible to achieve a razor sharp mind, but it’s certainly within your power to sharpen your mental faculties and utilize them in a more competent way. If you are facing concentration problems and forgetting important things on the agenda, you may do with some helpful tips on how to stay mentally sharp. Follow the article and know what it takes to keep your mind functioning proficiently.
Tips To Keep Your Mind Sharp
Challenge Your Mind
For enhanced mental sharpness, it is important to constantly challenge your mind. Playing scrabble, chess, attempting crossword puzzles or doing Sudoku is a good way to give a workout to your brain. Interacting with others is also a fitting mental exercise. Intelligent conversations sharpen your thinking and analytical abilities and endow your mind with alertness. To cut the long story short, engage in activities that are mentally testing.
Be An Observer
As much as striking intelligent conversations is important for an alert mind, keen observation is also one of the best tricks. Try to observe the things around you keenly and rest your mind, once in a while, to rejuvenate it. Observing the nature is also a good way to be in touch with your spiritual side, which will help your brain as well. This will give your mind the much needed invigoration and refresh it to stay as sharp as ever.
Eat Right
It has been very aptly said that in a healthy body, resides a sound mind. Our eating habits have a profound impact on our mental abilities. A healthy and nutritious diet is not just important for our over all well-being, it also helps our mind function in a better way. An ideal diet should include all the important minerals, like iron, potassium, magnesium and essential vitamins, to keep our brain working sharp.
Drink Lots Of Water
Drinking lots of water is not only healthy for the body, it is also essential to keep your mind active and sharp. Water makes up to one-half to four-fifths of your body weight and accounts for 85% of your brain. Paucity of water in the body can lead to dehydration, which in turn makes it difficult to concentrate well. Drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day, to keep your body hydrated and your mind energetic.
The benefits of mediation are known to all and sundry. It helps revitalize our mind and body. You can also couple it with some form of physical exercise, like yoga. 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of meditation in a day are enough to keep your mind healthy and increase its sharpness. Researches have well established that physical exercise also enhances mental activity and bears a positive effect on our mind. Mediation helps banish negative energies from your mind.

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