We have found many people wondering as to how to read someone’s mind? Keeping this in view, we have provided some great tips for mind reading, in the lines below.

How To Read Minds

Though it is almost impossible for a person to read the mind of others, having a bit idea about other people’s thoughts is not too difficult. All you need to do is to keep you eyes and ears open and look out for the subtle clues. The person will not even realize that he/she is providing you the information, using which you can read his/her mind. Just now, you must be thinking about the signs and how can you use those signs. Am I right? To provide answers to these questions is the reason why we have provided this article for you. Browse through it and get tips for mind reading.
How to Read Someone’s Minds 
  • Get acquainted with the person whose mind you want to read later (rather claim to be reading).
  • Ask the person some general question and answers and try to deduce some information about him/her, from the same. Notice the person very carefully.
  • A few days later, when you are in a group, say that you are going to read the mind of a particular person.
  • Looking randomly, select the person you met earlier. Say that you are going to read his/her mind.
  • Make a vague guess about the life of the person, remembering from the earlier meeting. You will see that he/she will come up with specific information on his/her own.
  • When you mention anything, concentrate on the person’s pupils. If they grow large, it means that he/she is interested in that particular thing. If you find the pupils shrinking, it means that he/she dislikes it.
  • Using the signs mentioned in the line above, make your prediction about the interests of the person.
  • Since almost every person has some secrets that he doesn’t want to share with anyone, you can safely cook up a statement like ‘You are worried that I might know your secret’.
  • Whenever you manage to hit upon the thoughts of person, keep talking around it. You will also find that the person is talking lengthily about things related to those thoughts. Just grab the information and use it to your advantage.

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