Increasing environmental pollution and degradation has become a cause of worry. Given below are some environmental education tips that you should teach your kids.

Environmental Tips For Kids

With the advent of technology and fast paced development, environment degradation has reached its zenith. The pollution of all the natural resources has become a common feature, especially in the urban areas. With the increase in population, more and more resources are being exhausted, leading to increased levels of pollution. The situation has reached to an extent where nature itself is warning us. As a result, environmental education has become crucial for everybody, especially kids. This is because the future is dependent on our young ones and their understanding of the surroundings. Given below are some tips, using which you can educate your kids about environment.
Environmental Education for Kids
Water Conservation
Make your kids understand that water is one of the most precious natural resources. They have to preserve it and not waste it. One of the best ways to do this is by not letting the water tap run free while they are brushing, bathing or washing clothes. You can ask them to use a half flush for the bathroom, as it saves water.
Pollution Reduction
Teach them that they need to help in reducing pollution. They should not pollute water by throwing waste in it and should even advise their friends against doing so. Make them aware of the need to save petrol and travel on foot to nearby places, as a means of reducing air pollution. Advise them against burning crackers or waste products.
Saving Trees
Educate your kids about the importance of trees as well as the depletion in the green cover on earth. Encourage them not to waste paper, as it is made from tree bark and leads to deforestation. They need to know that the more paper they waste, the more trees will be cut. Make them grow as many trees and plants in their surroundings as possible.
Energy Conservation
Children should be aware of the fact that majority of the energy comes from non-renewable sources of energy, which are gradually getting depleted. They need to save as much energy as possible. For instance, ask them to switch off the lights, fans and other electrical appliances when they are not in use, so that unnecessary energy is not used.
Say No To Plastic Bags
Your kids need to know that various hazards that can result from the usage of plastic bags. Ask them to avoid using plastic bags as much as possible. Rather, they should try to go for paper bags, cotton bags, tote bags, etc. They should not throw plastic bags here and there, as many animals can die from choking, after consuming them.
No Littering
Ask your children to maintain cleanliness around them. They should refrain from throwing litter on the road, in the park, etc. Rather, encourage them to find a dustbin for the purpose or carry the litter back home and put in the trash. They should also know that they have to throw waste in recyclable dust bins and make maximum use of recycled products.

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