Children can play a part in preserving water. Read on to find out water preservation tips for kids.

Water Preservation For Kids

Each drop of water running down the drain is wasted. When clean water is wasted, it goes down the sewage system and overflows the drain letting dirty water and waste to overflow. Water gets polluted in this way and polluted water can harm and kill animals that drink or live in it.
Water Conservation Tips for Kids 
  • While you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands, don't keep the water running continuously.
  • The showers that you take should be shorter. What you can do is actually make it a game. For example, keep timers running while you take shower and perhaps you can see who can get their showers down to three minutes. But make sure you clean yourself thoroughly during the shower.
  • If the regulator which is used to control the flow of water is leaking and your parents are trying to fix it, may be you can help them to fix it as well. Water leaked this way can amount to 20 litres each day and that is a lot of water.
  • For saving water while taking shower, ask your parents to install water saving shower head. It not only helps to conserve water by saving, it also saves energy by saving on the fuel that would have been used to heat up the extra hot water. This way water is not only saved, but pollution is reduced as well.
  • Place a brick in your toilet tank. It will replace around 3 liters of water and save that much amount of water every time you use the flush.
  • When a battery is not usable, do not throw it away. The mercury that is present in these batteries will slowly leak out and poison the water that it runs into. Instead, learn to recycle it or atleast find a proper way to dispose them off. On the other hand, whenever you can, buy rechargeable batteries.

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