Many-a-times, it becomes very difficult to know if a guy or girl likes or dislikes you. Explore the article and get info on how to tell if someone doesn't like you.

How To Tell If Someone Doesn't Like You

We meet so many people in this world – some of whom we love, some we like, some we dislike, some we hate and the rest we simply don’t care about. However, we always expect that the person we love will love us back and the person we like will like us back. This is human tendency and there is hardly anything that you can do about it. There may also be times when you feel that a particular person does not like you. Though you are not be able to pinpoint the exact reason for this, there is a voice at back of your head telling you something is just not right. In case you are facing this dilemma, check out the tips given below, explaining how to know whether a guy or girl likes or dislikes you.
How to Tell if Someone Doesn't Like You
If you feel that the following situations keep occurring in your life, in context of a particular person, be sure that he/she does not like you at all. It is the time to move on! 
  • When you are talking to the person, he/she will try to avoid your gaze and keep looking around. This is just a way to show that whatever you are saying doesn’t interest him/her.
  • Whenever you plan a meeting with the person, he/she comes up with some or the other excuse for not coming with you. This has happened almost 99 percent of the time.
  • After canceling a meeting, the person doesn’t try to fix up another one. In fact, he/she seems to be too happy about the cancellation.
  • If and when the person agrees to and comes for the rendezvous, he/she is almost always late. On top of that, there seems to no regret or guilt on his/her part, for coming late.
  • You are the one who’s always calling him/her up, sending messages, dropping e-mails, and the like. He/she has never bothered to do the same and most of the time, doesn’t reply also.
  • You find that the person is always praising things that you do not like. Whether its books, movies, sports, or anything else, you hardly find him/her talking about what you enjoy.
  • Whether you have a discussion with the person, he/she hardly seems to see your point of view. More often than not, it is always a one-sided conversation, which looks more like a lecture.
  • Whenever you have gone to the person with some problem of yours, he/she always find you to be the reason behind it. Forget about having a sympathetic ear, you have to listen to your own pitfalls.
  • Your friends keep telling you that the person doesn’t seem to like you. Even his/her friends have given subtle hints about him/her being interested in someone else.
  • Finally, trust your instinct. Sometimes, your sixth sense can tell you even those things that are almost invisible to the naked eye!

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