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Environmental Problems

For decades we have been busy with the invention of latest technologies to make life easier for us. Unfortunately, in the endeavor to make life more luxurious, we have neglected a serious problem closing in on us, namely-environmental problems. Starting from rapid deforestation to global warming, from worldwide floods to extinction of different life forms on the earth, the list of environmental problems is endless. Environmental tribulations have become a major concern to environmentalists all over the world today. It is therefore high time to gear up and take necessary steps. If we don’t do something to protect our environment, soon the earth will turn to a desert, inapt for life. So, let us unite together to save our planet so that our children can live in this beautiful planet. While it won’t be possible to stop the power plants (one of the major sources for pollution) or stop deforestation, saving energy at home is what you can do on your own that will surely make a difference. The following sections throw light on the different environmental problems that plague mother earth. Read on to know more.

Current Environmental Issues

Oil Spills
Although oil spills have been there for a long time, the recent BP oil spill in America is one of the biggest environmental issues so far that affected the country in April. Oil spills disrupt marine ecology completely and affect the marine life very badly. It is one of the most important environmental issues that should be taken care of immediately to prevent marine life from becoming extinct. Cases of oil spills have also been reported in other coastal cities around the globe.

Population Explosion
Overpopulation is another crucial environmental problem that has concerned scientists and environmentalists all over the world. With the advancement of medical science, mortality rate has decreased worldwide to a significant level. Many countries are now taking family planning projects to control overpopulation. If the population rate of the world continues to increase at the present rate, soon there will be no trees and land left to support growing humanity.

Climate Change And Global Warming
The environment is being continuously polluted, and this has led to the accumulation of green house gases. Global warming is the primary cause of erratic weather patterns the earth experiences today. While some places suffer severe droughts for many years at a stretch, some places receive excess rainfall and experience floods. The increasing temperature of the earth is melting ice caps due to which the sea levels are rising day by day. If the ice caps continue to melt at this same rate, soon half of the earth will be under water.

Management Of Wastes
Improper waste management is another vital environmental problem. Wastes are either dumped into oceans or in landfills that have been wrecking havoc. Many waste products are non degradable and accumulate thus causing damage to the environment. Proper waste management is important for safe surroundings.

Other Environmental Issues
  • Water pollution from industry waste and oil spills is a common environmental issue.
  • Deforestation is another important environmental issue. Forests have been cut down in a large scale to provide land for construction or for agriculture.
  • Air pollution from excessive carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and CFC emitted from vehicles, AC, fridges, etc has led to ozone layer depletion.
  • Nuclear testing and nuclear energy damages the environment in an unimaginable way. The two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are still suffering from the damage caused by the atom bomb explosion of the Second World War
  • Many animals are now becoming extinct due to human activities like hunting and poaching.
  • Natural habitats of animals and birds are being ruined by man. This has also contributed to the disruption of the biodiversity.
  • Soil erosion due to extensive deforestation to clear lands for urbanization and agriculture is yet another vital environmental problem today.

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