There are a number of problems that people face in their respective relationships. Explore more about common issues in a relationship.

Problems With Relationships

Every relationship runs into a number of problems and therefore requires constant efforts to bloom. It should be noted that relationship issues do not necessarily signify a major problem every time. In fact, any relationship can go through a number of ups and downs, even when the couple is deeply in love with each other. However, an in depth understanding of the various issues that take place in a relationship will be highly beneficial to sort things out at an early stage. It is because the top cause for conflicts in a relationship is the underlying resentments of not solving the little problems at the time they appear on the surface. Nothing is unimportant when two people are together; if one partner has a complaint then the other should not ignore it or take it lightly. Every little concern counts and how you handle it together makes your relationship long lasting and solid. If you think that there is a problem brewing up between you and your partner then do not sweep it under the rug and play ’happy house’. Have the courage to bring it out, look it in the eye and fix it. This will instill more trust in your partner for you and in your relationship as well. If your partner has a raging concern, then do not take it personally and think of it as an attack. When two people are together, they have the tendency to think that they are in two opposing teams when in fact it is just the one team that you should be hooting for. To acquire a deeper insight into the relationship problems, read on.
Relationship Issues
Lack of Trust: Trust is one of the essential components in any relationship. It becomes an issue, when one person feels that the other is exhibiting signs of infidelity. In such a situation, the couple needs to talk to each other to sort things out. You have to understand one basic human psychology––nobody can trust on somebody blindly. It is not a logical concept and it makes people vulnerable. Do not expect your partner to trust you without reasons; give him/her reasons to trust you and have faith in your love and commitment. If you think you have done something that might come across as infidelity then confess it to your partner there and then. Let him/her know what your real intentions were. This will help your partner to understand you better. And if you are on the other side and have some suspicion on your partner then do not let it brew in your heart. Pour it out in front of him/her. There are chances that you are only presuming and there is more to it than meets the eye.
Sexual Issues: In today's hectic lifestyle, people face considerable problems with regard to their sexual relationships. This is a common occurrence as with time people do not feel the urge for physical intimacy, which they initially felt. The problem can arise on grounds like frequency, satisfaction, types of sexual activity, etc. Do not let it stand in between you two unnoticed. This will kill your relationship. Talk about it, bring it to the table. Discuss as much as you can and come up with a solution; there exists a middle ground to everything. Sure it will mean that both of you might have to make big compromises, but what is a relationship without compromises. If you still think it remains a matter of contention between you two then consult a sex therapist and deal with your sex problems in a more guided way.
Lack Of Communication: Decreased level of communication is a potent problem amongst couples. However, communication just does not mean talking about daily activities. It is about sharing each other's goals, thoughts and dreams. Never stop talking; talking is what keeps the fire between you two alive. You are two different people with different life journeys and different tendencies. You both are constantly changing and in this constant change if you want to keep your relationship strong then talk to each other and tell each other what is in your heart and mind. Let your partner keep up with who you are so that it does not feel to him/her that he/she is living with a stranger.
Money Issues:  Money is also a prospective problem amongst couples. Issues like how much money should each save, who earns more and who will make the financial decisions, etc. arise frequently. You must both be involved in the matters related to money because it is a big responsibility. It is because of money that you afford to have a comfortable life. This stressful responsibility should not really fall on one person’s shoulder. Your partner should not feel like he/she is the sole one who is struggling to keep things going. You should involve yourself as much and especially through the tricky times.
Unfair Division Of Responsibilities: There are a number of duties that women expect men to perform at home. However, when men succumb to their laziness and women feel overburdened, a tiff is bound to take place. Do not assume these gender roles. You both should be involved in everything together. Gone are the days when men were expected to bring in the moolah and women were given the charge of taking care of children. Now it is a world of equality and mostly both the partners are working. Therefore, every responsibility is as much yours as it is of your partner’s.
Mismanagement Of Conflict : Every relationship faces conflicts, which should be managed constructively. To the contrary, people resort to yelling, shouting, abusing and even withdrawal, which makes the issue appear even bigger. Thus, relationship is not about the amount of conflicts you have but about how you handle it. Love must always show. No matter what you do, whether you fight or do not talk to each other for days, love should be visible from each and every action of yours. Realistically you will treat each other badly because that is what happens when two people are together but that does not mean that you stop caring for one another or not be in love anymore. Indifference will rot the roots of your relationship; do not let it seep into your equation.

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