Girls can be particularly choosy when it comes to guys. Go through the article, to find some tips on flirting with a girl.

How To Flirt With A Girl

So you managed to catch the attention of the girl you fancy and you have exchanged a few words with her, apart from sharing those quick and sweet glances.  That is indeed a big achieved; the initial hitch of introducing yourself to a girl is nerve-wrecking.  If you have surpassed that then you probably have regained your natural confidence. Give yourself a pat on the back and buckle up for the next step. This next step is what many call it, a deal breaker. It is time to come out with your flirting skills. This is the only way forward with the lady of your interest, now. Gaining the initial comfort was important and now that you have it, explore your chances with this girl. She is also anticipating it, anyway. Most women would never take the next step themselves, even if the first initial of getting familiar, was taken by her. The ball is in your court now and she is only waiting for you to make a move. This is the stage where you should not stay for long, the longer you wait, the more she loses her interest in you. You have to take the bull with its two horns, now. Sparkle that charming smile and be ready to give this your hundred percent, that is if you think this girl is worth it. You do not have anything to worry about here, release yourself from all the fears. It is not like you have got anything to lose here; if she likes your flirting then you get what you want and if she is not that into you, then you will perhaps end up making a new friend.  The key to irresistible flirtation is confidence and confidence comes from being fearless.  Women are naturally attracted to confident guys; they feel secure and well-taken care of with them. So, do not hesitate and if you can not help but be nerve-wrecked then, hide it. Once you have gotten her love and friendship, then you can finally be yourself and she will accept you for what you are. But, it is a long way to go before that and you are on a timer, act now. That girl is practically waiting for you to say something over-whelming or flattering to her. Sweep her off her feet and make her feel special. And who knows if this flirtation will end up into something as beautiful as love. But, before you move on, there are few tips in flirting with a girl that you can use. After all, it is a ‘deal-breaker’ and you should be well informed and prepare before the bull is taken by its two horns.
How To Flirt With A Girl
Flirting With A Girl
  • Looks: You certainly do not have to look like Tom Cruise, but it would not hurt to work a bit on your looks. Women like smart looking men, not the shabby kinds. Dress up well whenever you are around her. She would feel attracted to you if you look groomed and stylish.  Do not do anything out of your style and taste but, make an effort and groom yourself. Men who put in an effort into how they look are women’s favorite.  Also, smell good; it will pull her towards you, inevitably.
  • Image: If you are constantly around her, like, if you both work in the same office or live in the same building, then you should try and maintain the image of a gentleman. Whenever you cross paths with her, be chivalrous. Get the door for, be nice to people around her, talk to your subordinates respectfully, etc.  This will put a concrete image in her mind about you. Whenever she will see you or think of you, she will know that you are a reliable and genuine human being. It will help her open up to you.
  • Surprises: Send her flowers out of the blue or a note saying something really sweet like, ‘saw you last night, you looked gorgeous’. This will flatter her absolutely and women like to be flattered and pampered. You can pay a close look to her likings and dislikes, especially if you live or work around her. This will send across a message to her that you have been noticing her; nothing flatters a woman more than attention.
  • One-On-One: If you are in constant touch with her, then send her flirty texts or emails. Leave little notes for her. Let her know from time t time that she is on you mind and you fancy her.
  • Balanced Attention: Do not make yourself too available for her or she will not take you seriously. Women like men who are mysterious and turn the flirting game into a chase; sometimes you chase her and the other times let her chase you. This will keep her on her toes and she will never get bored of it, will keep her interested. But women absolutely hate the kind of guys who keep doing this to them. You should know when to stop the chase and move to the next level and propose her. 

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